Preschool Admissions


At our Preschool we accept children within twelve months before starting school. All children at this age will be able to claim for their 15 hours of early years entitlement.

If you wish to apply or make an inquiry please email:

or phone 01752 221927

Following acceptance of a place a member of our Resource and Development team will make contact to discuss your preferred pattern of attendance, and ask you to agree a termly contract of hours. The contract that is signed is binding, however if a child may benefit from a temporary reduction in hours to support ‘settling in’, this will be discussed with a member of the Preschool Studio.

Please note that acceptance into the Preschool does not guarantee a place in the Reception Studio. The process for addmissions into the Reception Studio are managed through Plymouth City Council

Applications for children under the age of admission can be made at any time. These will be acknowledged and kept on file until considered by the admission panel. Following email confirmation of a place you will be invited with your child to a Welcome Meeting. The purpose of this visit is to meet the Preschool team and for you and your child to build connections with our studio staff and environment