Attendance Information

Attending school regularly (and on time) is really important for students’ to learn as effectively as possible. There are very few instances in life where achieving 90% is poor, but school attendance is one of them! Ninety percent attendance actually means missing 1 in every 10 days of schooling, which adds up to 19 days of school a year. This is categorised nationally as a Persistent Absence. This results in poorer outcomes for your child.
As a school, what we need is prompt and accurate communication from parents concerning lateness and absences, so that we can make sure children are safe and learning as effectively as possible. Please inform us by Phone on 01752 221927 or by E-Mail via
The following processes support parents to help us improve your child’s learning and welfare:
Registers are taken inside the studios at 9.00am promptly.  Therefore, any student arriving at the building at 9.00am or afterwards is late to registration, and must sign in on the screen located in the front entrance foyer so that we know they are in the building.  For any student arriving at school after 9.30am, the lateness is recorded as an unauthorised absence on their school record. 
Please contact the school by telephone on the first day of any illness and also on a daily basis for any subsequent days of illness.  If a student has a prolonged or sporadic period of illness, we are entitled to ask for medical evidence.
If a medical or dental appointment has to fall within school time, prior notification must be given and a copy of the appointment letter provided.  This helps us to accurately record these absences.
Absence Requests
We understand that sometimes an absence may be unavoidable due to unforeseen circumstances.  What we ask is that you provide a request – in writing – in advance of the time the student may be away.  Leaves of absence cannot be authorised retrospectively. Please download the form here Student Absence Form and return to

Click to download:  Attendance-Guidance-for-Parents