Alan Inglis-Faulkner  –   Music Support

I love to make music and I am passionate about teaching. I care for others and enjoy sharing in everyones’ adventure.



84 Alan Ebbens- Educational Psychologist


Ali steen2

Ali Steen – Digital and Community Specialist

PSCA is the right place and the right time for me – it’s not often we can say this! I have worked all my life in music education, specialising in sound, radio and the technology used to make them. Traditional instruments are still my favourite way of making music though. Over the next few years I will be developing a new FM community radio station broadcasting from the school in conjunction with the curriculum and theatre activities. I also hope to share my fascination with the sea, the environment, cycling, swimming, sailing and creating a happier world through car-free living! 




Amy Clarke- Drama & Performing Arts Teacher

My life before becoming a teacher included working in London’s West End as an Actress, and then working as an Associate Casting Director on ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Torchwood’. It never felt like work as it was so much fun, and that’s what it feels like to be a Performing Arts teacher at PSCA. To bring my skill set and knowledge of the Performing Arts to young people eager to learn and get involved is exciting and exhilarating. The possibilities are endless!



Andrew Carpenter- Deputy Headteacher

Responsibility for performance and pedagogy. I am extremely passionate about how children learn, looking at strategies and ideas to enthuse, motivate and support students to be the best they can be. I am a keen cyclist and always look to bring the real world into the studio and learning.



Andrew Nunn- Culinary Arts Teacher

Teaching cookery is a hugely important life skill which has important links to Maths, Language, Science, Geography, Art and History etc. I get a real buzz from seeing students cook and present some amazing food in Culinary Arts and seeing their confidence in themselves soar!! I take part in Triathlon, so an important element to me is well being, healthy eating and life styles.





Angélique Kergosien- French Teacher

I am really excited to be a part of the development of French at PSCA. I feel privileged as a teacher to work in an environment where everything is possible and where students are given control of their learning. I am aiming at integrating my interests for music, photography, art, dance and drama within my teaching practice, developing these interests with the school. I believe that learning alongside students or from students is extremely valuable.



Angie Hernando Rodriguez  – Phase Three Studio Support, Spanish Specialist



75 Anna Norman – English Teacher

I joined the English team in 2015.  I am  passionate about literature and creative writing, and the importance of reading for pleasure. Before joining PSCA, I was an associate lecturer in English Literature in higher education. I believe English should be inspiring and engaging for all young people.  I love the ethos of the school, and the students, and am really enjoying growing the English Curriculum as our phase 3 and 4 students grow. 



Ben Crane – Studio Support Phase Two

I have had an amazing experience in our school so far and always look forward to anything related to maths. I am now looking forward to training to become a teacher in the upcoming years.


ben-website-options009final Ben Sullivan – Supported Learning Space Coordinator

I manage the Supported Learning Space, an alternative learning environment within the school. I have a background in teaching art & design at Further Education level, with a teaching practice centred around embedding mental health and wellbeing as an integral part of learning, rather than as an addition to it. I am excited by the opportunity to work within the BLC team to further develop my own practice, looking towards sharing this with others, and enabling students to manage their own mental and emotional wellbeing. I also occasionally produce design work for the school, and I have interests centred around art, fashion, music and gaming.



70 Bryony Burrows-Year One Studio Support


68 Cass Bisco- Media Teacher and Continuum Facilitator between the                         school and the College of Art



Cathy Palmer- Art Teacher

I am passionate about the arts and the feel its a real privilege to be working in such a creative environment where the arts are so valued. I love to travel, and as an artist and dancer am inspired by nature and the sea. It’s amazing to be part of such an inspiring, supportive and enthusiastic team! I am really excited about the possibilities of creating opportunities for our learners to work in ways that reflect the real world and captures their imaginations and sense of curiosity.



Chris Hamilton – Drama Studio Support




Claire Strudwick- Pre-School Teacher

I am Montessori trained, with a love of the early years.  I wish to enable every child to discover their amazing abilities, through children leading their own learning, learning that inspires, challenges and equips them with confidence and resilience to be the best they dream to be. I have a great love of cooking, yoga and the outdoors.



Daniel – Producer & Archivist

Having worked previously for organisations including BBC Radio and TV, Ministry Of Sound, Ninja Tune and Glastonbury Festival Daniel is Extremely inspired and excited about what the future holds here at Plymouth School Of Creative Arts.

Daniel is a multi award winning composer, sound designer, artist and audio specialist, he has also worked extensively with film and graphics. Previous accolades include: 3 Sony Radio Documentary / Feature Awards, An Arqiva “Outstanding Station Of The Year Award” and an award presented at The House Of Commons for sustained quality output in youth radio.


62 Danielle Hill – Phase Two Teacher



Dave Strudwick- Headteacher

It’s an immense privilege to lead such an amazing team and work in such an inspiring community. I have a love of learning, music, sport and architecture. It’s amazing what we are making together each day and I am certainly looking forward to the next part of the journey.

I have lead schools previously, written a book about behaviour and been involved in many interesting projects including the Blackawton Bees which resulted in the world’s youngest published scientists. However, the making of Plymouth School of Creative Arts is head and shoulders above the rest. This is a project that will become increasingly recognised internationally.


59 Denise Wilde- Cleaner



Diana Gillard- Phase Two Studio Support

My creative background as a Graphic Designer definitely influenced me to be involved as much as I could within the school. Working with the children over the years, has been so rewarding. I love talking to them and discovering all their different characters, as well as seeing them grow in confidence day by day. It has given me a lot of personal satisfaction, and I love the experiences and challenges it has created, not just for me but for all of us. I enjoy music, singing, arts and crafts, painting, drawing, knitting / crochet, technical drawing and 3D design. My daughter also enjoys it here too.



El Head shot

Elle – Phase Two Studio Support





Emma Pendle- Dance Teacher





Georgia Burkat- Phase Two Studio Support

I am a motivated and enthusiastic person who has enjoyed my time within the school so far. At this moment in time I am not sure what I would like to do in the future, although teaching history seems like a natural progression.



Hannah Profile-1

Hannah Miles – Media and IT Technician

I support teaching and learning through my work with photography,media and technology. I am passionate about creating immersive and exciting learning experiences where students lead and drive their own learning. I love to make!


Hattie Key- Drama & Performing Arts Teacher

I think it’s amazing how every individual can develop confidence through drama; it’s the most wonderful part of the job to see students come out of their shells through the sessions. I love using our amazing Theatre at PSCA for shows and rehearsals and am at my happiest when completely stuck in with a group developing a piece. My speciality is Contemporary and Physical Theatre and enjoy the challenge of finding something new as well as developing my skills; sewing, making, performing.



Holly Ryan –  Pre School and Reception Studio Support

My heart is with early years and I’m always looking for new creative and fun ways to essentially make them smile. I’m a mum of a 1 year old and in my spare time write children’s picture books.



Huw Tindall-Jones – Phase Two Teacher

This year I will be teaching year 4 in Phase 2. I love drama and hope to use it to bring learning to life within Phase 2.



Ian Crowford- Music Teacher

I’m an educator, musician and entrepreneur dedicated to getting every child and pupil excited about music. It’s about getting pupils inspired to think they are the musicians and their tastes, values and ideas are as equally valued as anyone else’s, regardless of what they are.




Jake McCabe- Chef

I’m very passionate about food and cooking and love to bring that to the table and share my knowledge with the students. I learn something new from them everyday.


Philosophy march 2016021
Jeff Stratton – Philosopher and Artist

Jeff Stratton has been an educationalist for over 50 years. From his initial work as a youth worker in 1958 he joined the teaching profession. Since then he has worked in primary and secondary schools, was a headteacher and a senior education officer, but always primarily an artist. His passion is teaching children and young people and in 2012 he won the Pearson Teacher of the Year Award for Lifetime Achievement. He is currently working with Phases Two, Three and Four.


44 Jen Chudley- Studio Support Preschool



Jessica Hunter- Studio Teacher Year Two

Teacher, listener, public speaker, coach and choreographer, I will be working with Year Two from September. I love dancing and acting and enjoy sharing these passions with the children.


42 Jo Ballard- Studio Support Reception

I am with the younger children and I love to work  alongside them  making music and stories through play and improvisation. I see this way of working as helping children to engage with their group and with the world  in robust and imaginative ways.  Quite often our ideas make us chuckle with glee!

I also teach piano and singing outside of the curriculum as one of the music mentors at our school.



katie-bj-final Katie Brownjohn – Reception Teacher

I recently graduated with a specialism in the early years. I then went on to complete my Masters in Education, researching the numerous benefits of forest school education in the early years. I enjoy inspiring awe and wonder through a range of topics and cherish the imagination and humour that young children bring. I like the fact that no two days are the same and am proud to work in a school where we are readily encouraged to question and challenge the norm in search of improvement for all! 


37 Kirsty Chapman – Primary Special Educational Needs Coordinator

It’s a real adventure being part of this wonderful team of adults and children. 

I feel passionate about the role of SENCo in our school, it’s so important we work together to meet the needs of all children. Children communicate their needs is all sorts of ways and when we take time to listen to understand I believe great things are possible.




Layla Stringer – Studio Support Year One and PPA cover

I aspire to have qualified teacher status and am currently working as a higher level teaching assistant and aerial arts teacher. I love sharing my love for aerial and ground based circus skills with the children as well as using British sign language with them







Leea Jolly- Studio Teacher Year Two

My passions and background come from Drama and performing. I have been involved in many Dramatic societies in Plymouth, performing and directing many shows over the years. I look forward to submerging the curriculum in a theatrical learning environment, involving the children in role play, and performances across the year.


lindsey-w-final-choice Lindsey Willcocks- Studio Teacher Phase Two



Lora McMahon – Preschool Teacher

For me teaching is about making connections, listening to children and taking time to learn about each child’s motivations. Every child has something valuable and exciting to offer and it is my job to celebrate that. I have been teaching for about 8 years and continue to learn and shape how I work. I enjoy travelling and exploring new places but equally love Plymouth as I’m at my happiest when I’m out at sea. My passions include sailing, kayaking and scuba diving and once in a while I’ll take myself out of my comfort zone and challenge myself with an occasional half marathon or sky dive!



Lorna Pashby – Kitchen Porter

I love the atmosphere and the challenge of learning new things within catering and our school, whilst meeting lots of interesting people along the way.



Martin Borrott- Maths Teacher

Despite being someone who found Maths difficult at school, I am now passionate about it and hope to enable the students to understand that anyone can be good at Maths- there is no such thing as a ‘Maths Brain’ or a ‘Non-Maths Brain.’ I am fascinated by the connections that can be made between Maths and the World around us, for example, in Enterprise and in Art. I want the students to understand that Maths is an incredibly creative subject that is all around them and to feel excited by what that might mean.



Matthew Bisco- English Teacher and Phase Three Leader

I work with an overview on developing studio learning that connects across subjects in creative and purposeful ways. I bring with me a personal passion for making journeys and am interested in the impact this can have as a model for leading learning through felt experience.



Matthew Nancarrow- Administrator / Receptionist




Mick Willetts- Facilities Manager

My primary function is to look after the building and grounds,supporting its occupants and creating a safe environment for them, the letting of our amazing spaces to the wider community and co-ordination of events and their requirements. My interests include music, meeting people and looking at the sea. I have a passion for life and believe no matter how small, we should make a difference every day.


25 Mike Beard- Deputy Headteacher

I’ve always been fascinated about what makes people ‘tick’, and how we make sense of the world around us.  My role in school is to support Human Development, and our school’s growth as a ‘learning village’; I absolutely believe that by helping one another, everyone can be the best they can be.  I also love physical challenge (I’m currently training to row more quickly!) and taking time out to walk (much more slowly) with my family and dogs in the countryside.



Mike Everett-Lindsay Design Technology Teacher

Since leaving school I have always been a maker. Making is central to how I live and think. I am very happy to have the privilege of sharing my passion for making through the teaching of Design Technology.




Renata Chatkevic- Communication and Language Co-ordinator

A linguist with a passion to break cultural and linguistic barriers to learning. An advocate of learning languages and culture through immersion and experience. Interested in developing practical and creative skills in crafting.





Richard Read- Science Teacher

Very excited to be able to start developing a Science department from scratch, looking at how we can enthuse pupils towards Science, and enable them to become independent Scientific researchers in their own right, passionate about playing and experimenting in order to explore and discover.




Rosie Crowford – Studio Teacher Reception

I am passionate about supporting curiosity amongst children, inspiring and supporting them in developing socially and emotionally, to explore all areas of learning in context of their interests. I have a love for outdoor learning, woodworking and empowering children to mange their own risks through learning how to use tools and equipment safely. I enjoy gardening, walking and being outdoors as often as possible!




Russ Martin- PE Teacher

I have a love for all aspects of sport from individual activities to team games. I have a particular passion for Basketball and hope to inspire our students to grow a love for sport in our school and within their communities.




Sandi Butler- Building Learning Capacity Phase Leader

I am part of the Strategic Leadership Team with the responsibility for the non studio based staff in the school, this includes the kitchen, finances, administration, facilities, health and safety, digital and HR. My role keeps me very busy, which I really enjoy, when I am not at the school my 2 amazing children, also keep me busy.




Sasha Hole- Studio Support and After School Club Support

I was in the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineer for ten years before leaving to have my two girls.




Simon Risdon- Phase Three and Four Leader

Passion in teaching is making the interaction between people and place an area which all learners consider in order to help gain a sense of their own place in the world and the positive impacts they can have. Also looking at how students can be best engaged and be the best they can be to allow greater life chances.





Simon Rogerson – Maths Teacher

I have a real passion for active lifestyles and helping students develop an interest in whatever interests them. Personal interests include surfing and football as well as music and travelling.



Stéphanie Trachet- French teacher and Studio Support

I am so pleased to be part of such a unique educational project and to be able to explore my language and culture with the children in a very creative, positive and forward thinking environment. People here are generous, dynamic, passionate and inspiring and represent a rich diversity of the community. I believe that learning a foreign language broaden students horizons and provides them with an opening to and an understanding of other cultures. This is crucial for them to fully embrace their global citizenship. This year I will team teach French through the creative arts and with links across subjects to support Angélique and Andy. We will make French real and meaningful.


Stevie 2

Stevie Harris- Administrator / Receptionist

Working on the main front desk meeting and greeting parents and visitors. Dealing admissions, enquiries, pupil information and day today office duties. I enjoy taking on new challenges and pushing myself to be the best I can be.







Sue Anderson- Building Learning Capacity

I began volunteering at the school not long after it opened and this eventually led onto being a full time employee. I love the great outdoors and take great pleasure in supporting others to step outside their comfort zone do something amazing. My two children attend the school.




Tamar Hancock- Administrator, Wrap Around Care and PTFA

I am mum of a lovely young man at the school, I have a very varied roll – Preschool, Wrap Around Care, Admin, Front desk. I love the feeling when you have been able to help someone and I work hard to build positive and productive links with in the school community.



Tom Rebhan- Science Teacher

I am found in the science labs where I spend my time preparing experiments and buying in chemicals for fun practical sessions! Having worked in the Pharmaceutical (Oncology) industry I hope to bring some real life science experiences to the children (and adults) of the school. When not in the lab I’m generally with my family or cycling around Plymouth and surrounding areas.



Tom 2

Tom Sleep- IT Technician

My role includes being the 1st line of support for any IT related queries that anyone has throughout the school and supporting all IT equipment. I’ve had a passion for technology since I was a kid, and seeing the equipment we have integrated throughout the school helping kids learn and enjoy education makes all the hard work worthwhile.


 2 Tonia Gonzalez- Laboratory Technician Phase Three and Four

I have the privilege of being the school’s Laboratory Technician, which is great because I love all things science. You can find me in Labs 1 or 2 where I’ll be supporting our young learners during the day or making my own skincare products in my own time. 


1 Yvette Morris – Cleaner

I have a background in hair retail and beauty. I am pleased to have just completed a hair academy qualification and I am just about start a beauty academy qualification. Every day is an adventure at Plymouth School of Creative Arts and the staff and students are really friendly.


Alan Butler  

Alan Butler

Alan is a research fellow at Plymouth University working with an award winning archive which informed his PhD studies and is a deliberate attempt to redress the shortage of authentic lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered experience in traditional archives, through the oral history interview. He has seen first-hand how empowering it can be for a group to explore their uniqueness and differences through heritage and is keen to develop those ideas at PSCA.

He is also a co-director of Pride in Plymouth, a non-profit Community Interest Company, based at the school, which brings people and groups together to celebrate and promote the diversity and talent that exists within the LGBT communities of Plymouth.



Aimee Goddard- Studio Teacher Year One


Holly Pinion

Holly Pinion- Senior Administrator

I work within the HR and Finance Team.

My background is management consultancy and for most of my working life retail. I have worked with a range of companies from recruitment, other consultancies to large and small retailers.

I’m really excited about what PSCA are doing and am looking forward to what the students can teach me!


John Gayle001

John Gayle- Behaviour and Safeguarding Officer

I work with students across all ages helping to build their self-esteem in order that they can fill their full potential and give them the confidence to go on and achieve their goal in both school and everyday life. 



Sally Read – Chef

Since joining the kitchen in September it’s been fantastic. I am really enjoying helping the children learn about healthy eating and working with an excellent team!




 Tracey Cragg – Cleaner

I love working at PSCA, it’s a great environment to be in. As well as cleaning which I get a great deal of satisfaction from, I am an extra pair of hands in the kitchen when needed. I am happy to  get involved in what’s going on and love talking to everyone here. It’s a happy relaxed place to be. I am lucky to work in such an amazing place.


Mel Tucker

 Mel Tucker- Events and Admin



Lee Glattback- Caretaker

I have had a career as an aircraft engineer alongside a voluntary career training teenage air cadets and as a parent I have been part of the school community since the very beginning.

In my role I face various challenges and no two days are the same.


Victoria Millorit-Paull- Front Desk Administrator

I started working here as a volunteer, and now work on the Front Desk.  My role is to meet and greet parents and visitors.  In addition I undertake general administrative duties. I love the positive atmosphere that the school creates and have a child that attends the school.



Alice Bingham – Phase One Leader

Being part of this incredible team is a real privilege. I am passionate about making a school that inspires, nurtures and challenges all children, and adults! I enjoy exploring, painting, cooking, laughing!


Beth Dale: Senior Administrator



Kebar Forster – Art Studio Support

I am the new Art Specialist Teaching Assistant at Plymouth School of Creative Arts. I will be supporting Phase Three and Four in Art, History, English and Science. I love working with young people creatively, engaging with artists and community groups.



Vikki Glattback – Wrap around care and Studio Support

I have had lots of previous experience within Early Years. I believe children should have a happy and safe environment in which they can gain fun positive new experiences. I am currently doing my ‘Specialist support for Teaching and Learning In Schools’ Diploma which will allow me to develop my role further within the studio.



Stewart Riley – Maths Teacher

I am very glad to have joined Plymouth School of Creative Arts after approximately 15 years teaching GCSE maths in ‘mainstream’ education. I am excited about the ongoing process of developing my pedagogy to better fit the studio ecology ethos. In addition to mathematics, I enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle in the form of cycling, camping and adore just being on the beach and in the sea.



Sarah Woffenden – Studio Support



Ange Chudley – Studio Support

My passion is all sports and in particular Netball. I will be working across all the phases in sport and hope to develop play in the playground from preschool up to year 2. My aim is to develop cycling across phase 1, starting with balance bikes and hopefully giving  all children the opportunity to ride a bike.



Poppy Kirkup-  PE Teacher

Following my volunteering at the school I am delighted to have gained a full time PE teaching post and to be part of such a wonderful community. I love all aspects of sport particularly athletics, netball and football. I am now excited to engage and connect with the students to share my passion. I am looking forward to developing myself and the students through an exciting journey at PSCA.



Paul Speare – Caretaker



Olive Tarling – Phase Two Teacher



Helen Currell – Studio Support

I bring a passion and experience for enabling learning for students with physical disabilities. I am supporting learning across Phase Three and before lessons I will be a Technician for the Culinary Arts and Design Technology.



Brantley Rogers – Drama Teacher

I am currently studying a masters in Performance Training. My expertise lies in devising contemporary theatre which challenges traditional theatrical conventions. I am passionate about making work from scratch in a fun and playful environment with a D.I.Y aesthetic. Alongside PSCA I work in the Creative Learning Department at TR2 where I run various workshops. I also have experience as a performer working alongside companies such as Blasted Fiction, AMINAL and Symbiotic Theatre.



Ben Gentle – Phase Two Teacher

Hello I’m Ben and I am an NQT newly employed in Phase Two. I am extremely excited to work along such a bright and positive group of staff and am thirsty for fresh experiences that I can learn and reflect on to improve my practice in my Phase group. My interests in school lie mainly within Creative writing but I am also very fond of History, Geography and P.E (I’m trying to get better at Maths!) Outside of school My hobbies include Surfing, Running and Rugby (although if I could choose I would spend as much time as possible in the sea!)  am beyond blessed to have the chance to work in such a vibrant modern school and can’t wait for the year ahead!



Suzanne Swift – Science and Computing Teacher

I feel very lucky to be here at Plymouth School of Creative Arts. After ten years as an IT trainer and project manager in the NHS – feeling lost with an unused Surf Science and Technology degree and PGCE –  I was ready for another challenge. I hope my experience in industry, my passion for teaching by doing and my focus on the individual will help to stretch learners to use new and emerging technology to transform learning. 



Sarah McConkey – Building Learning Capacity Team Coordinator :                                      Special Educational Needs



Joanne Strachan –  Studio Support

This is an exciting shift for me in joining phase 3 and 4 where I hope to bring in my eclectic experience in graphic design and prior teaching knowledge into this new practice. I look forward to joining such a friendly and creative team and working in this fantastic building, helping develop new ideas. Exciting times ahead.



Charlotte Bennellick-Palmer –  Teacher across Phase One

I am passionate about creative teaching and learning, so feel privileged to work in such a creative environment, as Plymouth School of Creative Arts.  My motivation for teaching is developing children’s enthusiasm for learning, and enabling children to discover and recognise their individual interests and talents.  



Angus Reith – Computing Teacher



Jess Shapiro – Teacher of Childcare, Food and Nutrition and                                         Physical Education

Since graduating in 2013 as a Secondary teacher of Physical Education, I have delivered a number of subjects with the main focus being health and well-being. My passion is working alongside young people and enabling them to develop; physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. I also thrive in my role as a lead tutor, as this enables me to really focus on all of these areas, working closely and supporting all members of the tutor group. 



Hannah Blair – Studio Support Reception

I am working as studio support in the reception class. I have a degree in Early Childhood studies and am really interested in children’s development and the different ways in which children can learn. I’m also a keen athlete and therefore very passionate about getting children active and enabling them to learn through exercise. I am so excited to be a part of this amazing team!



Charlotte Slater – Teacher Phase Two

I will be teaching in Phase Two with an amazing team of people. I am passionate about creative teaching and learning and feel proud to be completing my NQT year at PCSA.I want to share my passion and enthusiasm for art, food and design and will urge young people to explore their own passions too.


Allison Cooper – Phase Two Teacher

I am multi-instrumental musician, singer, songwriter and composer and trained at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in Music and Education and completed an MA in Music Therapy.

My personal musical path has been about building my own self esteem, confidence, courage and self-discipline as well as studying the technical aspects of music. A lifelong musical path has given me the experience and understanding to be able to help students break through any creative blocks to find their unique musical and vocal self-expression and to be the best they can be.



Craig McGregor – Studio Support Phase Two

Whilst helping out in the Phase 2 Studio space, I mostly talk about books, words, and writing; out of the studio I mostly read books and write words, so things worked out pretty nicely for me there. I also help to run a local martial arts club, and I find that the tradition and philosophy behind the art has greatly influenced how I perceive and respond to the world around me. Professionally, I did an MA in Creative Writing a couple of years ago and had some comic books published. I love to write and create in my spare time, and am hoping to see more work in print in the future (fingers crossed, folks). I’d like to inspire the students to use narratives and language as a means of self-expression.



 Joe Oddie- Head of English



 Sinead Cosgrove – Year One teacher



 Elizabeth Thomson – Year Two Teacher



 Melissa Allen – Food Production Apprentice




 Emma Moxham – Year One Studio Support

I have worked with primary age children for a number of years, both in and out of the school environment. There have been so many occasions where I have seen children come into their element whilst absorbed in creative projects. I am very excited about exploring how art and craft can be used by children as a means of communication and self expression.



Tim Endicott –  Systems Technician

After having volunteered at the school I am happy now to have a full time place here helping to develop the reporting system within Progresso. I have always had a great love of computers and technology in general and am enjoying putting these interests to work at PSCA.


Sally Brinkworth –  Phase Two Studio Support


Daniel Butler – Administrator / Receptionist


Susanne Hose – Personal Assistant to the Leadership Team


Renars Sakals – Year Two Studio Support


Anita Toth


Chris Jones – Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme manager

I’m a former soldier who has spent eleven years teaching physics at KS3,4&5, but more recently I’ve become a para-athlete who has represented the country twice at major events last year, winning a bronze medal at the World Adaptive Surfing Championships. I’m passionate about keeping myself fit and healthy, I also know the benefits it can bring to keep challenging yourself mentally too, which is why I’m so excited to have taken up this post. I’m really looking forward to engaging our students in the four key aspects of the DofE programme; Physical, Skills, Volunteering and Expedition. I’m also excited to see them progress from the Bronze, through Silver and up to Gold Award, hopefully then choosing to pass on their knowledge and expertise to new students just starting out on their DofE journey.


Megan Edgar

Andrew Bell


Emma Addy – Cook


Danny Saxby – Design and Technology Teacher

I knew that I wanted to work for the school the moment I walked in. It is a place that celebrates individuality and creativity, and wow what a fantastic ethos to have! My studio is my haven, where I come alive. My teaching methods are fairly unique and I can get pretty experimental. Boring is not a word you hear. I love being around the students here, they have such inquisitive minds. When I wake up early on Monday morning to get ready for work, I’m not filled with a sense of dread like ‘here we go again’; rather I am filled with a sense of opportunity like ‘here we go! Let’s go champ! Let’s go champ!’ and I spring right out of bed imbued with a real sense of purpose. I am truly blessed to be part of the team here and hope to make all my students feel the same way. I love helping to teach these youngsters how to learn. In my spare time I like to run, box and be Cornish.


Rouen Gargan – Head of Phase Two


Daniel May – Kitchen Assistant


Owen Bruce – Administrator


Emma Veale – Attendance administrator


Ben Isbel – Studio Support

I have two beautiful children that are the best part of my life and enjoy watching them grow and develop each day.

One of my favourite hobbies is trying to capture unique pictures and video footage using my drone which I’ve been flying for around 5 years.

The majority of my role in the school is as a caretaker within the Premises team, however the Admin team have found out that I am good with computers, so I may end up changing roles!


Ben Isbel  – Phase Three Studio Support


Irene Castillo-Lopez – Phase Three and Four Studio Support and                                               Spanish specialist.

Since I was a child I have always known that education needed a change. Now as an adult, I can feel that change every day in the school. Where significant learning is happening because children are enjoying what they experience in each Studio. I am really happy to be part of this amazing community.