‏‏Ethos and Values

Plymouth School of Creative Arts is a 4-16 mainstream, city centre, all-through school sponsored by Plymouth College of Art. We opened our primary phase in September 2013 and we have opened our secondary phase in September 2014.

Our vision for Plymouth School of Creative Arts grows out of an established art college ethos in response to the serious erosion of the arts and creativity in schools. Founded in 1856, Plymouth College of Art has a long history as an independent specialist in arts, craft, design and media education in Plymouth and the South West.

Our school is a place for making things – making ideas, making technology, making art – for discovering how knowledge, values and language, identity or experience is made. It is a place of performance in both senses: performance as doing; performance as achievement. A place of creative learning in all subjects.

Our School shares the core values of Plymouth College of Art:

· we believe in the centrality of creativity to individual and social value, identity, culture, community, welfare, and prosperity;

· we uphold the primary significance of learning through making, practice and participation for individual development, transformation and fulfilment

· we see our School as a laboratory for innovation, and for new thinking, in the service of our wider communities;

· we value and invite purposeful, mutual partnership;

· we celebrate social and cultural diversity, and encourage engagement with the community and cross-cultural dimensions of learning in local, regional, national and international contexts;

· we respect our environment, and have a strong commitment to sustainable practice;

· we aspire to the highest standards of educational achievement.

Our goal is to secure academic excellence and our learners’ ambitions through structure with a purpose, and our purpose can be described in just four words – Creating Individuals, Making Futures.