Dress Code

Dress Code from Plymouth School of Creative Arts on Vimeo.


Our school has a dress code and we do expect pupils to comply with this code and come to school wearing the items outlined below.


The purpose of having a school dress code is:

  • To build a sense of identity and be part of a community.
  • To enable some flexibility and individual choice.
  • To avoid unhelpful peer pressure.
  • To maintain affordability.

It’s also really important that clothing reflects the way we learn in our school and should be practical, hard-wearing and appropriate for the school environment.   For example, trousers need not be ‘formal’; jeans are perfectly acceptable as trousers. All pupils should take ownership and responsibility for ensuring they follow the dress code and wear appropriate clothing.

All pupils must wear the following items, which can be purchased from the high street or an online shop of your choice:

Parents of pupils in Phase 1 (Reception – Year 2) can choose whether their child wears either plain red or plain black shorts, trousers or skirts to school; it’s also acceptable for girls to wear either a checked gingham red & white school Summer dress or a black school pinafore dress.

A PLAIN red, black or white t-shirt, long sleeved top (these are widely available); They may also choose to wear a PLAIN red or black jumper or cardigan.

Pupils in Phase 2, 3 and 4 (Year 3 – Year 11)  must wear either plain black trousers, shorts or skirts (although as stated above, these need not be ‘formal’ or traditional school trousers).

A PLAIN red, black or white t-shirt or long sleeved top (these are widely available); They may also choose to wear a PLAIN red or black jumper or cardigan.

If parents prefer they  can also get the school logo branded onto any uniform item at Fitness for Sport. Although this is not compulsory.   


All pupils will be expected to wear appropriate shoes that allow them to move safely around the school.  These shoes must be predominantly black or red in colour.

Physical Education (PE)

For Phase 1 (Reception, Year 1 & 2)

There is no PE kit for the Pupils in Phase 1, we would like them to spend as much of their allocated PE time being active rather than spending a large amount of this time getting ready, changing into PE kits.

For Phase 2, (Year 3 – 6)

The PE kit will change from the beginning of the new school year (September 2015).  Students beginning Years 3, 4 in September 2015 will expected to have the following PE kit;

These items are widely available:


  • Plain Black or red t-shirt.
  • Plain Black shorts.
  • Red socks


  • Plain Black or red t-shirt, either
  • Plain Black leggings / shorts
  • Red socks

For Phase 3, (Year 7 – Year 11)

Students beginning Year 7 in September 2015 will be expected to have the new kit; Year 8 students (our current Year 7’s) are welcome to continue to use the PE kit they have used this year.  However, when this needs replacing we expect any replacements to reflect the new PE kit.

The PE kit with a logo is supplied by Fitness for Sport. Other items are widely available.


  • Black & red logo t-shirt.
  • Black shorts.
  • Red socks


  • Black & red logo t-shirt and either
  • Black leggings / shorts / Skort
  • Red socks

There is also optional extra’s of tracksuit bottoms and top. These are not compulsory.

Make up, Jewellery and Head wear

In our school we recognise the importance of individual identity. However, we expect jewellery and any hats or other head wear to be worn and/or make-up to be used responsibly, taking into account the impact on others, the impact on learning and issues around safety. Pupils will be supported to make responsible choices for themselves wherever possible, although in all cases the school maintains the right to make a final decision and take action as deemed appropriate.


We use two suppliers where you can purchase all aspects of the school dress code. Footprint uniforms will embroider the logo and Fitness for Sport will print the logo on the items of the school dress code.
Footprint Uniforms, have offices and a manufacturing workshop at :
154 Austin Crescent
Plymouth, PL6 5QS
01752 791889
Fitness for Sport has a shop at:
142 Cornwall Street
Plymouth, PL1 1NJ
01752 229726

Click here  to place an order with Footprint.

Click here to place an order with Fitness for Sport.

If you would prefer to complete an order form by hand rather than online we have paper copies available in the school foyer.

Please send to the correct supplier when you have completed this form.

To receive your orders you have the following options:

  • Collect direct from the Supplier.
  • Order online or over the phone and request that the uniform is posted to your home address. There will be delivery charges.
  • Order online or over the phone and request that the uniform is delivered to the school for you to collect from our school foyer. There will be no added delivery charges for this option.