From Zombies to spoof Star Wars movies, Magic and Comedy Shows to performing the Cell Block Tango, our Year 7s and 8s have been exploring their interests in their Final Independent Projects. Students have learnt many skills completely independently including how to do special effect zombie and wound make-up and how to make their own dinosaur puppet heads!

Culinary Arts

If you can’t take the heat… get out of the kitchen… not our students! Tasked with planning meals with no use of an oven and minimal use of the stove, we have been delighted by scrumptious salads, fruity flurries, sensational sundaes and cool cheesecakes!

Marla and Toni’s Terrific Tiramisu


We have had a summer makeover in the Music room this term and with our new layout we have been focusing on developing the Classroom Band/Orchestra. A class full of 30 students all playing and singing the same songs concentrating on ensemble work and reading of music – Together we are independent musicians!

All students have also been concentrating on their individual music projects as well and developing their skills in their chosen instruments and also compositions.


In dance this half term, the students have been working really hard on their own individual projects, coming up with their own ideas, choreography and using all of the skills they have learnt to create performance throughout the year! From cheerleading routines with lifts and balances to scenes from ‘The Greatest Showman’, we have all had a lot of fun making work around the things that we love.