What Community Means to Me: Now and Forever

On Monday 16th December, Year 6 exhibited their work at ‘The Clipper’, showcasing their final pieces of art that they had created, following a term of research, design and making, during PBL over the last term. 
They spent the Monday morning session, considering how they would display their work – calling upon influences from the two exhibits they have visited this term. Then from 3.30pm, the children were encouraged to bring their loved ones across to look upon their exhibit, entitled, “What community means to me: Now and forever. 
It was a busy event as Plymouth university were also in attendance with their robot ‘Pepper’, promoting awareness around healthy eating, as well as No Whey, serving from their delicious menu. This gave the event a real ‘community’ buzz. We look forward to our relationship with Nudge and the local community continuing through the year.