In PBL we are creating a Junk Band to help raise awareness about saving the planet. The children will be creating their own instruments from junk and recycling that we need to gather. If you can provide any of the following, please bring it to the Phase 2 PBL space:
bottles, tubes (big and small), barrels, tins, paint tins, bottle tops, bottle caps, hose pipes, old boots, rakes, flip flops, sticks, bamboo, balloons, straws, boxes, old rice/lentils/dry beans etc. cans, tubs, old broken instruments, plates, trash cans (with lids if possible), trollies, traffic cones, wheels, cutlery, pots and pans…
If you can provide any items, please can you ensure they are clean and safe for the children to handle.
We greatly appreciate your support!
PBL Team