Laughs and Tears at Student’s Prom Speeches!

Written By Phoebe

Good evening everyone. When I was asked to do a speech I was genuinely terrified! The only point of reference I have on this sort of thing is the graduation speech at the end of the third High School Musical. And I’m not going to do that! So I’ll start by saying a massive thank you to staff and students. Thank you for being a wonderful year group to be a part of. Thank you teachers, for putting up with u, especially through exams! And I know you’ve had an impact on us individually as well as collectively. And thank you to the staff who do things behind the scenes. your work doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. And finally an extra special thank you to Anna, Carolyn, and the prom committee for putting this amazing evening together. When writing my speech I was inspired by Anna and Louise, so have borrowed a few wise words of Dr Seuss… congratulations! Tonight is our night. We’re off to great places, We’re off and at flight. 
We have brains in our heads And feet in our shoes. We can steer ourselves in any direction we choose. We are on our own. And we know what we know. And we are the guys who’ll decide where we go. 
We watched as the Red House was built up from zero. We moved on from cargo. We all survived Hero! Tassomai, Bedrock, the GCSE pain. Through revision and briefings we fought to stay sane. 
Now we’ve come to a place where the path is not clear. As we wait for results day with hope and great fear. Though we move on to a place of our choosing, The process has been full of stress and confusing. 
Are we ready to go… or will be caught snoozing?! 
So yes… we have brains in our heads, and feet in our shoes as we walk from the Red House with nothing to loose. Let’s hold onto the friendships formed over the years, Moving onwards and upwards and facing our fears. 
Off in new directions, Off finding our way, Exciting adventures, Bye PSCA. 
Oh the places we’ve been…

By Izzie

As some of you know I am a big fan of a TV show called Gilmore Girls, so I want to Quote Rory Gilmore and say :

We never thought this day would come.  We prayed for its quick delivery, crossed days off our calendars, counted hours, minutes and seconds and now that it’s here, I’m sorry it is, because it means leaving friends who inspire me and teachers who’ve been my mentors, so many people who’ve shaped my life, and my fellow students lives forever.

Rory said this perfectly at their college graduation but it sums up exactly how I feel. I want to take us all back to 5 years ago, we had finished SAT’s and had been on residential’s or preparing for year 6 summer fair. The ever-growing levels of anxiety racing around our heads, of the daunting next chapter of our education. I know one of my main worries was making new friends and now it is as if we are back where we started, with our next chapter whether that be A-levels, college or maybe apprenticeship fast approaching all those feelings are coming back. But there is one thing I know and that is no matter where our journeys take us we will always be the best year 11’s that our school had ever had. We have bee through so much as students and staff and together we stand here tonight with life long friends and memories, with the best second family I could ever ask for. I also want to thank a number of people starting with Dave although he may not be here tonight. Without his vision, we would not be here at PSCA’s prom, thank you for all the amazing stories you told us even if you were standing on a table in the atrium. Thank you to Matthew Bisco for making our transition from primary to secondary as seeming less as possible. Thank you to Simon Risdon for putting up with us through GCSE season and a big thanks to the exams team for working behind the scenes to make the exam process as stress-free as possible. A special thanks to the cleaners who always have a smile on their face and work hard to keep the school clean. Thanks to all the staff at PSCA past and present, thank you for dealing with us on a daily basis, we wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Thank you staff for organising this amazing event, and lastly, thank you to my fellow students for making school a pleasurable place to be.