From making biscuits in our Educare setting to students challenging themselves to make stromboli, cakes and pasta at home. Food has been something students of all ages across our school community have been enjoying making and sharing with us through their virtual classrooms. Students have been learning through ‘Tapestry’ in Phase One and on ’Google Classroom’ for Phase Two, Three and Four. 

Chef and culinary arts teacher Andy Nunn set his students a 30day foody challenge at the start of the Easter holidays where students were encouraged to make something every day even if it was a cup of tea for someone at home.”I sent them a link to an app called super cook-where you type in everything you have in stock and the app comes up with recipes/methods based on what you have available”

Students have been ambitious with their culinary attempts. Layan tackled sugar free cookies, Emilija made a beautifully smiley Omelette, Joshua made a his own home made jaffa cakes and Jake made both stromboli and spicy mexican chicken!

It has been wonderful for our teachers to have lots of enthusiastic students sharing their creations with us and developing a huge range of transferrable skills in the process. Andy said ”I’ve had lots of really proud children sending me pictures of what they’ve made so far, and lots of happy parents too. It’s lovely that this awful pandemic has bought many families closer together and food is a great medium to do this”.

Culinary arts students are now starting their summer term with a focus on developing some dishes for the school canteen and thinking about and evidencing all the considerations that come with such a project, such as cost, nutritional needs, culture and food intolerances to name but a few. The celebratory nature of virtual classrooms across the school is sure to provide a wonderful platform for students to continue their virtual learning journey and celebrate their progress along the way!

Virtual Schooling, Easter Eating, Food Fantastic!