The Big watercolour Day hosted by Plymouth School of Creative Arts saw families accross the city engage in the wonderful world of watercolour! The day had a steady flow of people and families of all ages coming together to paint. It’s been lovely to see some familiar faces that have come back to the 4th event, growing a family of watercolour painters.

We had lots of positive feedback from the day;

“The Big Watercolour day isn’t about a big work of art it’s about a collective self expressive response making and the is the ‘big art’ of the watercolour day. Richard Sunderland, artist. #rhizomeartistscollective”

“I’ve never been part of anything like this before I have managed to encourage a few people painting, one lad is going off to buy himself a set of watercolours. What a great idea.”
Wendy Parkyn, Guest artist in residence sponsored by Plymouth Watercolour Society.

The Big Watercolour 4