The latest Mountain Bike Club trip saw our riders head to Tavi Woods, a Downhill Trail Centre run by Gawton Gravity Hub. We owe them a huge thanks, as they have allowed us to ride here for free, in the hope of fostering a good relationship between themselves, us, and a potential group of future members (and based on this trip, I think we’re off to a good start!). 

We split into two groups, with Ian leading the older group and the younger group with myself. Our group started on the Open Line, the easiest of the trails at Tavi Woods, and right from the off there were features to challenge our riders. We only managed one full run of the trail in the morning, as we were constantly stopping to look at and practice all of the different features on the trail. All went well, aside from Archer taking a bit of a spill, and we got back to the bus for lunch with all riders keen to do a full, non-stop run.
After lunch we made our first full run, with all riders riding the trail at their own best speed, followed immediately by another run. We then sessioned some jumps, on a more technical line, before taking a gentle roll through the Woods to look at some of the really tech lines, so that our riders all know what they are aspiring to!
During our riding, there was one feature that had clearly caught the imagination of the lads, and so we headed back there to finish out our afternoon, sessioning their favourite jump. I was able to instruct our riders on the best line choice, through the berm and into the jump, so that they could gain maximum air time. Learning how to generate speed and handle the bike in the air are both vital skills, if riders want to progress onto more technical terrain. Archer, having made a great comeback from his earlier fall, and Harris were really able to take these points onboard, so that they were clearing the jump with ease.

Everyone had a blast, and once Ian’s group rejoined us, a jump-off ensued, with a lot of daring and bravery shown, not least by Harris and Owen, and Sachin, with the later jumping over the former! 

For more info on how to get involved with the MTB Club, either as a rider (students, aged 8 and up) or a volunteer (parents, carers, older siblings), please contact myself (Chris) via