Tate Exchange is, “an annual programme that brings together international artists, over 60 partners who work within and beyond the arts, and you. A journey of discovery into the different ways that art has become active over the last 60 years and how artists have changed our understanding of what art can be and what it can do.” Hosted in the Tate Modern Switch House building, Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth School of Creatives Arts took our ‘Continuum of Creative Learning’ to London, last January. Being partners on the founding associates programme, Tate Exchange gives us the platform and audience to share our own process of making learning and making a school. As we now look forward and prepare for Tate Exchange 2018, this stunning film shares a selection of the learning stories from last year. Shot a few months after the event, it shares moments of learning there, as well as what has been bubbling away during that time in between. Please be sure to join us for our Tate Exchange Programme 2018 (event details to follow soon). In the mean time, sit back and enjoy this small window in to what it means to Make Learning.