We are nearly 2 weeks into our crowdfunder and have raised £3,315 with just 77 supporters which is still a small portion of our school community. We are asking our whole school community to support us – with 1015 pupils in our school – we are confident that with everybody’s support we can smash our target and even have extra money to put towards the large playground! We are excited to announce that we have now received all quotes and 3D designs for the large playground, further details will be announced shortly. So help us complete this project then we can move on to the large playground too!

We want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us so far. We do still have a long way to go to reach our £8,500 target. Our crowdfunder is ‘all or nothing’, so if we do not reach our total amount, we will not receive any money including any pledge from the Council. Please keep pledging and sharing with wider family, friends, businesses and on social media. If we reach our target before the end date (10th June, 12 pm) we will be able to book the play consultants sooner and hopefully, have the playground installed before the end of the academic


We are holding an after-school Playground Party on the 24th May – the last day before May half term.

  • Whole school Mufti-day for a £1 donation
  • Hotdogs/ Vegdogs and Doughnuts
  • Ice Lollies
  • Wet sponge the teachers!!
  • Music – including a performance from Stonehouse Community Choir!
  • Further information from Pentagon Playground Consultants

Thank you to our supporters for providing rewards this week:

Gareth Hart and Iridescent Ideas

Jakie Floyd and Club Motivation at the Crowne Plaza

John Floyd – Plastering

Adam Oats and Buzz Bingo

Crooked Tempo Samba Band

GTFitness Gareth Tichopad

Endsleigh Garden Centre

Thank you to our crowd so far…

  • Freya and Olivia              Andrew Brewerton         Wendy Hannon
  • Jamellia                           Karen Thurston       Colin Ames
  • Mel Tucker                      Francesca Scott            Steph R
  • Martine Shelly                 Sheila Dempsey           Toni Cairns
  • Susanne Hose                Scott Gould                  Ian Ames
  • Letitia Hurt                      Hannah Morgan- Gibson  Sally Godber
  • Janette Owen                 Ben Wright                   Hattie Key
  • Veronica Cucuiat            Gemma Hayes              Amy Borland
  • Emily Grant                    Claire Honey                Helen Currell
  • Jude Bryson-Meehan   Huw                                                Chris Hahn
  • Mark Ames                     Naomi                    Gareth Hart
  • Birgitte Aga                    13 x Anonymous Pledgers    Barry Murphy
  • Leila Nottage                  Emily Davies                Liesl Borrett
  • Madeleine Hay               Gail Porthouse                  Riccobono
  • Layla Stringer                 Emma Rickard             David Nottage
  • Claire Strudwick             Juliette Newman              Anna Christie
  • Lukasz Musnicki             Pauline Farr-Voller               Naomi
  • Pat Tucker                      Sandra Cottam            Matthew Grant
  • Suzy Edwards                Annie and Scott Nightingale         Cathryn Bishop
  • Matthew Pontin              Hannah Sloggett    Amy Clarke                                    
  • Fiona Graham   Marina Wimmer    Jess Fisher