Plymouth School of Creative Arts hosted it’s first annual literature symposium last week, with the theme of ‘Poetry and Conflict’, in partnership with The Royal Society of Literature, and with visiting speakers from Plymouth University Arts and Humanities faculty, and Plymouth College of Art (International Baccalaureate English pathway).

The symposium was attended by international poet and presenter of Radio 4 Poetry Extra, Daljit Nagra, who presented some of his own work, and gave us an enlightening and entertaining perspective on the life of a successful professional poet. We were thrilled to welcome such an important visitor to school, and are excited to plan for the 2020 symposium.

In addition to Daljit, we were joined by a group of our alumnae, who received awards from Plymouth University for their excellent work in English last year, and who presented their own Year 11 Speaking and Listening GCSE Poetry presentations for our current Year 11 and 10 students.

We hope students found these examples of distinction level GCSE work to be inspiring and informative for their own S&L work. We are extremely proud of the vast majority of Year 11 students and the large number of Year 10s (who opted into this event) for their respectful, welcoming and thoughtful participation in an event that was so aspirational!

Anna Norman

English Symposium 2019

Year 11 student, Fay Davies interviewed Daljit. In this interview, Daljilt talks to Fay, about his life as a poet, how and where he gets his inspiration, how society sees modern poets, and how he defines himself and his writing. As well as that, Daljit also talks about his effects of his poems and his goals of ‘browning up poetry’ along with his Indian roots and how people interpret that when he puts it into his writing.

Fay added: “I really enjoyed talking to Daljit and learning about his life, it was really great to be able to talk to someone about their own personal experience in the creative world and how they view themselves and their work.”

Faye’s interview with Daljit can be heard here:

  • Graham Steen

    Well done Fay. An interesting well thought out serirs of questions. Answerd from a fascinating down to earth man. Would have liked to hear him read a poem at the end.