Amidst a deluge of Thundery showers our keen student voice team gathered in the main atrium last Wednesday for the next Student Voice team meeting. This was one of our busiest meetings with 40 students attending in total from across Phases 3 and 4.

Students were visited by Emma Wright from Plymouth City council Engagement Team who spoke with them about getting involved in Youth Parliament which gives students voice at a local and national government level. She also told students about The Young Safeguarders group.

This week’s student media team was made up of: Tilly, Fern and Jess.“A lady came in to talk to us about youth parliament, she handed out leaflets so we could join” Fern explained that “Youth Parliament is where teenagers help government make decisions” Jess really enjoyed taking photos at todays meeting “ We can see through taking the photos what everyones emotions are and how they feel about things” Fern enjoyed experimenting with the camera: “You get to use your creativity and you get to take whatever photos you want and you can take different styles and get abstract pictures”.Today was Tilly’s first time using an SLR camera: “I got to use a proper camera – it was fun”.

Following Emmas visit students mind mapped which Plymouth Issues were important to them. Expensive Bus Fares, Cleaner Beaches, more LGBTQ focused services and better access to Mental Health Services for young people were just a few of the issues important to our young people. As always there was some interesting debate and discussion at the meeting and we are already looking forward to our next meeting!

Student Voice 13 11 2019