Year 6 PSCA student Poppy wrote a story that was selected by production company Jack and his Brother, to be made into an illustrated children’s story read by Poppy herself.

The 50/50 Zoo was written by Poppy in January 2018 when she was in Year 4.

Poppy was chosen to take part in a collaborative project called ‘The Future Project’, between Plymouth School of Creative Arts and Plymouth College of Art Pre-Degree Media Production students at Palace Court for Janie Grace, Director of Jack and his brother. The project asked 7, 8 and 9 year olds to write a story of no more than 500 words.

These stories were then given to groups of older students who were charged with making them into videos, with mixed success.

Janie later worked with Amy Clarke, former PSCA drama teacher, to encourage more children to write stories, with the purpose of making the stories into more professional looking videos. Poppy popped up again, and when Janie realised that she was the author of The 50/50 Zoo the decision was made to record Poppy reading her own story.

Amy directed Poppy, Round One Films operated the cameras, Deep Blue Sound students recorded the sound and Jack Viant of Jiantillustration
started work on the amazing illustrations. When these were completed, Rob Marshall of Round One edited everything together and added the animation.

Finally in December of 2019, almost two years after the ‘The Future Project’ the video was ready and published on the jackandhisbrother You Tube channel on December 20th.

The video has been viewed 5883 times since then!

Bravo Poppy!

Both Round One Films and Jack Viant are alumni of Plymouth College of Art. This little film is a credit to Plymouth!