Talented students from years 7,8,9 and 10 have been donning Sparkly Doc Martin’s, band t-shirts and stomping along to thudding beats in their performance of the musical ‘We Will Rock You’.

For three evenings this week students have left audiences in awe due to their effort and the amazing energy they have brought to the performance. The cast have also been performing to all phases across the school. Feedback from audiences has been phenomenal.

“It was deeply moving to see the result of the massive efforts made by the cast – I cried through so many songs, simply out of pride and admiration for our students and their talent, courage, good humour and beauty.”

“I haven’t cried, laughed or danced that much in a long time! I even managed to get my boyfriend singing along (but I never told you that!). Thank you to all the cast, crew and of course you lovely lot for a marvellous evening and putting a smile on my face again.”

Director Hattie has loved watching students gain confidence and grow throughout this process;

“We chose to do We Will Rock You as it was a musical that suited our students and offered them a wide range of songs, styles and characters. Phase 3 and 4 students have worked extremely hard since September to create this amazing show. Learning songs and dances – it has been great as well to be able to give lots of students parts with speaking lines. It has been challenging as they have had to learn over 20 songs! They have been so engaged the whole way through the process and dedicated to coming to extra rehearsals. It has been amazing as a performance team to work together; with Emma in Dance and Ally in Music. It has been a pleasure to work with these extremely talented young people and see them shine through all these songs.”

Musical Director Ally Cooper is also really proud of the students and the lead they have taken across the show in a variety of roles whether that be within the band, acting or leading on lighting and sound. Ally says ” Its also been great for GCSE students who have been analysing music within the show as part of the syllabus, so its worked as a fantastic piece of project based learning”

We Will Rock You

  • Jane phillips

    Great show, came all the way from Truro, Cornwall to watch on Tuesday evening as my granddaughter Estelle was in this fab show. All performers put on a great show. Can’t wait for the next one.


    Came and saw this show on Wednesday night ,I was amazed at the pure talent that was shown by all ,great job all keep up the great work look forward to the next one !!!!

  • Liz May

    Congratulations to the whole team, the production was great and something everyone should be proud of. I have one upset girl that its all over.
    So many talent kids:)