Students in Maths have recently been using Realizeit, an adaptive learning platform which is able to adapt and change in accordance with each learners needs.

Maths teacher Martin says ” Realizeit enables students to lead their own learning. It determines knowledge by asking you how much you know about something and then designs a learning map for a student around their learning needs”

“Its going to be fantastic, it gives us as teachers a lot of diagnostic information so we can meet individual need so we can adjust our teaching accordingly”

In this ‘Studio made’ clip students Ella and ivory get to grips with Realizeit!


Students Ella and Ivory share their experiences of using Realizeit.

Ivory says “I enjoy the fact that it finds the one bit you are finding hard and gets you to work on just this area.”

Ella says “Its really good for helping your learning, when you get it wrong it shows you a different way of trying it and gives you lots of extra information”  “It doesn’t feel like a test, it feels like its fun and like its helping you, so its not stressful”