Students spent time transporting themselves into different locations around the world!

Andreas Knab from Google visited Plymouth School Of Creative Arts to ask students from across the school to test out Google’s new AP ‘Expeditions’.

Students put ‘Google Cardboard’ up to their eyes, a cardboard viewing box, which allowed them to be immersed into different locations from around the world.

Teachers then used ipad’s to control the locations students viewed and direct them to certain points within the environment.

Students explore immersive environments! from Plymouth School of Creative Arts on Vimeo.

Google Cardboard001_1 Google Cardboard002_1 Google Cardboard003_1 Google Cardboard004_1 Google Cardboard005_1 Google Cardboard006_1 Google Cardboard007_1 Google Cardboard008_1 Google Cardboard009_1 Google Cardboard010_1 Google Cardboard011_1 Google Cardboard012_1 Google Cardboard013_1 Google Cardboard014_1 Google Cardboard015_1