The first student voice session of 2020 saw the group develop their understanding of discrimination and protective characteristics. Students explored the importance of being mindful of discrimination when interviewing candidates for a job. Representatives from the student voice team sat on their first interview panel at the end of last year and are keen to be involved in future interview panels.

Student voice photographer Nancy said:
“We learnt about harassment and that when we are interviewing we can’t be too picky or aim for perfection” “Taking the pictures was fun I enjoyed taking the natural ones when people weren’t posing” “Learning the controls was tricky”

Student Voice Photographer Harlen said:
“You don’t want to be rude, you don’t want to discriminate or be horrible. It’s about learning how to be careful when you ask questions.”
“When you were taking the pictures the focusing was tricky and it would go in and out of focus”
“Taking photos was fun and a good experience, it could be useful in future possible jobs.”

Students are already  looking forward to their next Student Voice session in a couple of weeks!

Student Voice 22 01 2020