Year 4 student Zack decided to set up and host todays Macmillan Coffee Morning. Zack said “I saw it on an advert on TV and I wanted to raise money for charity. I persuaded mum to help me”. Students and parents from the school picked up sweet and scrummy delights as they came into school and made donations to Macmillan at the same time. Zack said the experience “Has been very hectic, but awesome as well!”

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  • Tamar and Zack Hancock

    Thank you for your donation of £222.13 and being a part of this year’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

    We hope you and your guests enjoyed spending time together over a cup of coffee and some yummy treats.

    As treatments improve, more and more people are living with cancer in their daily lives. We’ll put the money you’ve raised straight to work to make sure no one has to face cancer alone, from the moment they’re diagnosed, through treatment and beyond.

    Don’t forget to look out for your thank you letter with details on how to register for next year. Or, visit for more information.

    Your donation reference is: 32597860