The student voice team, who meet once every two weeks have had a busy half term discussing issues important to them and the wider student community. Recent meetings facilitated by Huw and Erica have seen students discuss possible vending machines, the design of new pin badges which will be issued to students for positive behaviours and also saw students discuss the behaviour management system with Assistant Headteacher Matt Bisco. Students were given the opportunity to quiz Matt on the system, tell him things they thought were not working and talk about their experience of when it does work well.

Student Voice 09 10 2019

Jasmine from year 9 said “The last meeting we were talking about vending machines specifically and what we want to sell and we were sampling what we potentially will be selling. We were asking questions like: Would kids want this? Would it sell, would it be appealing? I thought it was actually pretty good- we drank water from a can and this green cola. We also want to make sure we don’t put the kitchen out business, we wondered about giving out samples”

Katie from year 9 said  “Matt was asking us about things like the new walls and behaviour and we all got to talk about it and how teachers handle behaviour differently. Its very interactive.”

Student Voice is a space exactly for that – for students to have their say on what happens in school. Katies enjoys going along to the sessions “You get to hear a bunch of people from different groups in the school, everyone gets their voice heard.”

Student Voice 25 09 2019

Jasmine likes how “It’s completely judge free, no one objecting or saying your opinion is rubbish, it’s all very collective which is nice”

Katie says Its good “ seeing what everyone thinks, we are all a mix mash of people…..its proper interesting they have a great insight into the school”. 

Looking ahead to the next meeting after half term Jasmine says; “I am hoping we can elaborate on the whole vending machine idea. I think student planners might be good as well. Timetables are quickly lost”

This term we have also had a Student Voice Media Team capturing the meetings on camera. Please follow the links above to find some of the lovely photos taken by Rosie, Travis, Bea and Josh!