As part of our Go 4 Set project, we are completing looking at creating an eco-friendly hotel and school. As part of this project, we took a trip to the Camels Head dockyard to find out how rubbish within Plymouth and the surrounding areas is used to create an eco-friendly energy source. The residual waste comes from Plymouth, South Hams, Torbay and parts of Teignbridge, it is then pushed into a tipping bunker from the lorries. From here a crane will collect the rubbish, which is placed in the furnace. This is similar to the scene in Toy Story 3!

The furnace burns the rubbish which is then used to heat the water in the tubes above. This creates steam which at high temperatures can be transferred into energy. From here some of the energy is transferred for the dockyards to use while the other part is given back to the grid. Any resources left over from this process are also reused to ensure that nothing is wasted.

This trip has given us some great ideas for our project and we can’t wait for our next trip before the presentation of our designs on the 20th June.