To kick off their GCSE Science course this term, Year 9 students are working towards answering the question How can I use art to provoke discussion about local and global biodiversity issues? To give them a felt experience of what this looks like, the school has been in collaboration with the Shark Trust and they have allowed us to host the beautiful Carbon Mako sculpture, created by the engineer inspired artist Alastair Gibson. The shark has helped ignite conversations about conservation as well as encourage students to reflect on the impact human activity is having on this threatened species of shark, just like we are hoping they will achieve through their own making in this project. Paul Cox from the Shark Trust has also been in to school to talk to students about their work and how they are using the sculpture to grab the attention of the global population in order to support their conservation efforts. We are really excited to see how these students take on this driving question to create a piece of art that will grab the attention of the school and local communities. Come and see what they produce during the Winter exhibition in December!

Carbon Mako on loan from Shark Trust