This week In year one students enjoyed a few hours of independent idea time. Most of our children view this as a time to practice some of the things that they would like to get better at.
Indigo wrote this diary entry style piece of writing, and myself and the rest of the team feel really proud of her work so wanted to share it. The first picture is without punctuation, and the second picture is after I asked her to add punctuation where she thought it necessary. She’s only 6 but she writes with such clarity and character.
I have also added a picture of a song that Emily wrote. She made up the lyrics herself and she could sing it back to me beautifully. She even performed it to a staff room full of adults. It’s called ‘We know a world’. “When the butterflies keep me awake, I see a world, not like ours but similar to ours. We can’t see it because we know one thing – it’s all we need for ever and ever yeah.”
Sarah and the year one team.