Special Educational Needs

Our approach is designed to best support the development of individuals by continually building and extending learning opportunities within the Studio. The more we recognise and respond effectively to individual learning needs, the greater the understanding and resource we have to target support.

Our school recognises how, in order to be sustainably successful as a learner, it’s necessary to know how you’ve achieved, as well as what you’ve achieved. To achieve this successfully it’s essential to be able to identify the individual needs of learners. And it’s essential to have a learning experience that’s sufficiently flexible and comprehensive to enable individual needs to be met as part of a whole school learning process.

This ongoing development of learning helps create an inclusive learning culture; it also reduces the tendency for ‘labelling’ children based on individual difference, encourages a positive understanding of ‘difference’ and reduces the likelihood of bullying and other unhelpful behaviours. Making sure that each and every child is heard and understood also reduces the likelihood of safeguarding issues remaining hidden.

In our school we take great pride in how every child contributes to the school and that children with special needs or disabilities (SEND) are everyone’s responsibility. Our work in identifying and responding to vulnerability always starts with the child and seeks to include parents; we recognise parents and carers as the experts in their children’s lives and actively seek to develop meaningful partnerships with all parents around their child’s learning.

Our work involves additional external expertise as and where appropriate (for example, we work regularly Educational Psychologists, the Communication Interaction Team, Children’s Speech and Language Service and Child and Adolescent Health (CAMHS) teams and a variety of other specialist staff). This work includes both targeted work in response to specific identified needs as well as ‘development’ work that aims to extend the range and effectiveness of provision we offer as a school.

Contact SEND: sendadmin@millbayacademy.org

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