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Seeing IT Differently – An Unconference for Transforming Learning

Transformation is about perspective, possibility and putting things into action. The purpose of the day is to explore possibility to support every individual’s journey to transform learning utilising the digital world. This will facilitate the opportunity for participants to stretch what we each feel is possible. It will celebrate practise and ideas in different settings and look at how we can support each other after the day.

The conference is aimed at those who don’t want to be a passenger or tourist but for those that want to make a destination and look at how we get others there.

The day will involve three provocations and time between these for people to make sense



9.30-10.00 Arrival

10.00 -10.15 Welcome – Dave Strudwick – Purpose of the day

10.15 -10.35 Provocation 1 Steve Wheeler – Learning with e’s – What are the questions for the next 20 years?

10.35 –11.35 Break and Workshop – a chance to discuss, make, tour the school connecting to our personal vision

11.35 -11.55 Provocation 2 Andy Carpenter – Whose learning is it anyway?

11.55 – 12.55 Needs Workshop – identifying what is needed, what resources are available and how we might travel

1pm -2.00 Lunch

2.00 -2.20 Provocation 3 Mike Philips – Disrupting of the Digital

2.20 -3.20 Time to create projects, ideas, make alongside students

3.20-3.40 Thanks and Where next





Mike Phillips, is Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts at Plymouth University, the Director of Research at i-DAT.organd a Principal Supervisor for the Planetary Collegium.

His R&D orbits a portfolio of projects that explore the ubiquity of data ‘harvested’ from an instrumentalised world and its potential as a material for revealing things that lie outside our normal frames of reference – things so far away, so close, so massive, so small and so ad infinitum ( He manages the Fulldome Immersive Vision Theatre (, a transdisciplinary instrument for manifesting (im)material and imaginary worlds and is co-editor of Ubiquity, The Journal of Pervasive Media

Mike is an active member of an international transdisciplinary community that engages with immersive, interactive and performative technologies. He sits on the ISEA International Advisory Committee, the AHRC Internet of Things Advisory Board, Arts Council England SW Digital Reference Group, the TSB Internet of Things Special Interest Group and is a founding Partner and Organiser of FullDome UK ( For more information see the i-DAT web site at:


Steve Wheeler is Associate Professor of Learning Technologies at Plymouth University. Originally trained as a psychologist, he has spent his entire career working in media, technology and learning, predominantly in nurse education (NHS 1981-1995) and teacher education (1976-1981 and 1995-present). He is now in the Plymouth Institute of Education, at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities where he chairs the Digital Learning Futures group and leads the Computing and Science education teams.

Steve is a global educator, teaching online, and on a number of undergraduate and post-graduate teacher education programmes in the UK and overseas. He researches into technology supported learning and distance education, with particular emphasis on the pedagogy underlying the use of social media and Web 2.0 technologies, and he also has research interests in mobile learning and cyber-cultures. Steve is regularly invited to speak about his work and has given keynotes and invited lectures to audiences in more than 30 countries across 5 continents. He is currently involved in several research programmes related to technology supported learning, digital praxis, and learning through the use of social media and handheld technologies.

Steve is the author of more than 150 scholarly articles, with over 4500 academic citations and is an active and prolific edublogger. His blog Learning with ‘e’s is a regular online commentary on the social and cultural impact of disruptive technologies, and the application of digital media in education, learning and development. In the last few years it has attracted in excess of five million unique visitors. His most recent book, Learning with ‘e’s was published by Crown House in February 2015.


Andy Carpenter is Deputy Headteacher at Plymouth School Of Creative Arts following a successful career as a science teacher. Andy is an internationally renowned teacher and teacher of teachers, who has a reputation of innovation and inclusion in his lessons.  He has worked closely with Guy Claxton and is always curious about what can make a difference.

His leadership and vision to shift from the management of staff towards students being responsible for their lives and learning is fascinating. Andy works closely with a range of organisations included Advanced Learning  and Centric Learning to support the realization of this through digital, real time processes. This challenges others to look at things differently and to look at the development of new habits and pedagogy. Andy is an outstanding teacher who is passionate about how children learn. He is always looking at strategies and ideas to enthuse, motivate and support students to be the best they can be. He is a keen cyclist who has cycled across Death Valley and always looks to bring the real world into the studio and learning.

7th June 2016


£50.00 / £15.00 Concessions