Science in Art
Batik- Romero Britto
Studio one had been writing secret messages with wax and painting over them with water colour to uncover and read their words. In reflection, we asked the children, “What else could we write on?” the children replied “how can we get wax onto fabric?”
By reflecting on the children’s experience of when they cast their hands in glass, the children remembered how we could melt things with heat and thought this would work on the the wax. We talked about how a solid like wax could turn into a liquid. The children decided that that is what they wanted to do and so we did it in the form of batik.
The children had been looking at the Brazilian artist Romero Britto and wanted to make some beautiful things to send to their new friends in Brazil.
Here’s what they did…and how they did it.

Batique from Plymouth School of Creative Arts on Vimeo.

  • Sarah Docton

    What a wonderful idea….so colourful. I hope they helped tidy up top !!