Phase 2 have been developing their money skills this term. Last week some children enjoyed a trip to the supermarket so they could apply what they have learnt to a purposeful and real life situation.
The children looked at a recipe to make 12 Easter nests and calculated how much ingredients they would need to make 100 Easter nests. They then calculated the cost for each amount of ingredients they would need and how much money they would need in total.
We had some useful conversations on the way to the shop about how much change they would get from the money they were given.
The children talked about the idea of selling the Easter nests for £1 each and making £100 but then agreed to sell them at 50p each which they calculated would make £50. Alia, said that’s over double what the ingredients cost, Kryton said that’s actually £30!  Tess worked out the exact money to pay for the all important mini eggs!
The children will be using and developing their calculation skills and knowledge of measure to make the Easter nests.
Chocolate Easter Nests will be on sale in the large playground from 3.50pm on Thursday 29th March (the last day of term).  Money raised will go towards enhancing our culinary experiences for Phase 2.