Phase 3 Psychogeography and the Traces App

Over the past term Year 7 and 8 Geographers have been considering their own thoughts and feelings about their local area as well as what they notice through careful observation (key skills in all people developing a sense of place). This is often known as Psychogeography, not a reference to anything more sinister!
The next step has been to make connections to the Global Goals – a set of sustainability targets which have been agreed by 193 world leaders and if met would ‘end world poverty, inequality and climate change’ by 2030. You can find out more about these targets by clicking on the link here: In looking at these two areas alongside each other we can start to take ownership of our spaces and consider what next …

Working with a London-based company we have reached an exciting stage in our work where we can share and map what we notice and feel about our local area. When going on Geography walks we are now using an app known as Traces (search for Traces – Gifts in Location in either android or iPhone stores). It is hoped that in sharing this with local stakeholders (people who have an interest and effect on our local area) we can truly begin to make a difference in how we feel about our surrounding environment.