Friends of PSCA have been running our school lottery since April 2017 and since then it has helped us raise a fantastic £2,721.20! 

Why should you join?

Here are just some of several good reasons:

  • Your School Lottery promises a minimum PTFA contribution of 40%. That’s almost DOUBLE the Health Lottery and over 42% more pence in the pound than what the National Lottery do
  • You know (and you can see) that your money is going back into your community and your school will benefit from your contribution
  • You have a much better chance of winning than other lotteries. Unlike most other lotteries, this number will be unique to you and will be yours for as long as you participate. You can purchase more than one number if you wish
  • The more people that join, the bigger the prizes and the better off your school will be.

Click on the link for more information or to play: