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Please note; these are for the week beginning 20th July 2020



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PACA Challenge

Read Read Read! 

There are so many resources online to support with reading; you can listen to your favourite stories, follow favourite authors, learn to illustrate and so much more…Have a look at Scholastic Books Club for KidsJeff Kinney is the author of the month; he wrote Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Let’s all learn…

Let’s all learn some jokes! Michael Rosen has some good ones!

Keeping Fit

You may be following Joe Wicks, or perhaps you have found a new way to keep fit.We would love to hear what you are doing to keep active at home. Email us at

Action for happiness Calendar

Follow the link to find more information and happiness!

Website Links

1. The BBC’s Bitesize website – The BBC’S Bitesize website covers all areas of the curriculum, with animations, interactives and quizzes.

2. CBeebies (for younger children) and CBBC (for older children) – CBeebies and CBBC give access to the whole range of the BBC’s media content, including great educational programmes plus games, quizzes, and the BBC Newsround website (great for reading and keeping up-to-date).

3. Oxford Owl – Oxford Owl has resources to help with English and maths, but is particularly good for the 250 free ebooks available.

4. Cool Math 4 Kids – Cool Math 4 Kids is great for practising number facts and calculation skills through games.

5. National Geographic Kids – National Geographic Kids has a wealth of resources related to the foundation subjects, particularly science, history and geography. It has some stunning images and interactive games.

6. BBC History for kids – The BBC History for kids website has now been archived, but still contains fantastic resources covering the primary history curriculum, using games and quizzes to engage children.

7. Nasa Kids’ Club – Nasa Kids’ Club is, as the names suggests, very specifically focused on space. But it’s a very engaging website for finding out more about this fascinating topic.

8. Scratch – With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.

9. Tate Kids – Tate Kids is a great place to learn about famous artists and be inspired by them to make your own masterpieces.

10. Phonics play –

11. Times Table Rockstar –

12. Literacy Planet –

13. Prodigy Maths –

Support for children with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

1. Read and listen to the news in English

2.Learn and practice English with British Council –

3.Games to learn English –
4.Library of bilingual books – paste the following access code 4599813112289105. Access runs until 3 weeks after registration.

4.Audio books –

5.Learn English or any other language: Arabic, Polish, Spanish, French, Russian included –