The children at Plymouth School of Creative Arts Preschool celebrated Mother’s Day by hosting an afternoon tea to say thank you to their special people at home.

Our Preschool children were busy all week; preparing scones, making sandwiches and jelly, decorating the Preschool with flowers and paper chains and creating cards.

Mums, Dads, Grannies and many special people arrived to our Tea Party with the children performing some of their favourite songs. Children helped to serve iced tea and scones and looked after their Mum’s with lots of cuddles! They then passed on their hand made cards. We wanted to say thank you and look after the people that look after us!

There was not a dry eye in the room, a lovely afternoon was enjoyed by all!

Mothersday tea041 Mothersday tea040 Mothersday tea039 Mothersday tea038 Mothersday tea037 Mothersday tea036 Mothersday tea035 Mothersday tea034 Mothersday tea033 Mothersday tea032 Mothersday tea031 Mothersday tea030 Mothersday tea029 Mothersday tea028 Mothersday tea027 Mothersday tea026 Mothersday tea025 Mothersday tea024 Mothersday tea023 Mothersday tea022 Mothersday tea021 Mothersday tea020 Mothersday tea019 Mothersday tea018 Mothersday tea017 Mothersday tea016 Mothersday tea015 Mothersday tea014 Mothersday tea013 Mothersday tea012 Mothersday tea011 Mothersday tea010 Mothersday tea009 Mothersday tea008 Mothersday tea007 Mothersday tea006 Mothersday tea005 Mothersday tea004 Mothersday tea003 Mothersday tea002 Mothersday tea001 Mothersday tea054 Mothersday tea053 Mothersday tea052 Mothersday tea051 Mothersday tea050 Mothersday tea049 Mothersday tea048 Mothersday tea047 Mothersday tea046 Mothersday tea045 Mothersday tea044 Mothersday tea043 Mothersday tea042


  • Mel

    Impossible to get to the bottom of these pictures without being a bit misty eyed – really beautiful, well done pre-schoolers!