Brian Herdman and Steve Spence are two popular and well-established local poets from Plymouth’s ever-burgeoning literary scene. Both are incredibly talented writers, who generously gave their time to come into the school and share some of their work and methods of writing with the year sevens, and to answer a variety of their questions. Brian gave the children lots to think about in terms of reaching for a rhythm in their work, and how poetry can be used to connect with our own feelings, but can also help us relate to the feelings of others. Steve showed them the fun that can be had with wordplay and the “sound” of poetry.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the year seven to pick up on and identify some of the poetic devices they’ve been learning about, such as repetition and alliteration for effect, as well as to actually see poetry being performed by poets, which is what they have all been working towards to the end of the summer term – hopefully ready to present for PSCA’s summer exhibition.

Brian Herdman
Steve Spence