Plymouth Art Weekender was a fantastic celebration of creativity, collaboration and community. I was involved in coordinating the part that we played in PAW at Plymouth School of Creative Arts. Visitors were invited to write stories and exchange them for vintage photographs with Rory Duckhouse, paint fraudulent masterpieces with Erin Bailey, become completely immersed in the film, sound and drawings of the Pendulum by Dan Smith, Jeff Stratton and Ali Steen. Paintings by our students were exhibited alongside beautiful collages by Janie Nichol, fantastic collaboration between Low Profile and Sistersister, whilst Oh Bleak performed live. Engaging photography by Ben Sullivan, thought provoking watercolours by Jo Ballard and the chance to talk to Outside the Box artists about their work; our school was a buzzing hive of activity on every level, with each turn there was an opportunity to be inspired and this was truly an exciting experience.


Kebar Forster – Art Studio Support



Please enjoy these broadcasts from Red House Radio – Plymouth Art Weekender 2016
Thanks to the Culture and Arts Network (CAN) for organising the interviews.

Red House Radio is a community radio studio located in The Red House in Plymouth. Catering for Plymouth community groups the studio is run by young people and volunteers.

Presenters: Lacey, Henry and Seth.




















Plymouth Art Weekender 2016 – ‘Pendulum’ from Plymouth School of Creative Arts on Vimeo.