A group of children from our Reception studio sung to an audience of over 100 this week.

This all began with Shae teaching us ‘Down to the River to Pray’. Children had been enjoying performing to each other in the studio but they wanted a bigger audience, and they had set their sights on the theatre space! Our response was ‘Ok, how can we make it happen?’ and then the children took the lead. We wrote letters to Dave our Headteacher, set up a meeting with Mick who runs our building, and viewed the theatre space.

The next day more of the children decided they would like to sing; messages were sent out to staff and studios, and our audience began to grow.

Enjoy this film of the youngest children in our school singing with great confidence!

Singing from Plymouth School of Creative Arts on Vimeo.

  • Heather Kent

    I cannot thank the school enough for allowing Shae to express and be herself within a fantastic environment.
    She is thriving within the school with her own personal expression shining through.