Over the past term, girls in Phase Four have been learning the game of Football in their PE lessons at Goals, Plymouth. At the start of the term they were a little unsure about the game, with some believing it was just a sport for boys but after a term of playing, it is now some of the girl’s favourite sport! They have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have made huge progress with their skills and understanding. They have put an incredible amount of effort in over the term and even in the wet, cold and miserable weather they have shown great resilience and enthusiasm. As a result of their hard work and embracing uncertainty of playing football, the PE department organised for them to play a game of ‘Bubble Football’ with a local zorbing company, Urban Zorb (www.https://www.facebook.com/UrbanZorb/). The girls loved it and we may do it again soon! 

From the interest and excitement the Phase Four girls have shown, they have started their own Football team run by Jess (PE Teacher) on a Wednesday after-school 4pm-5pm. If anyone else is interested, please get in touch.


Head of PE