Project Based Learning Exhibition: Phase Three

On Tuesday 17th December, Phase 3 proudly took part in  exhibiting their work from this term at our own Climate Change Conference. The day consisted of a programme of TEDx talks and Tea Time talks, across the Red House Theatre and The Clipper, Union Street.
Many of the students had worked so hard in order to showcase the basis of their PBL work. Not only were they showing off what they had learnt in each subject, but how each of their subjects has linked together, to bring authenticity and a genuine purpose to their work.

“The TEDx talks bought out the best in our young people. Shy, nervous and excited, they created, rehearsed and presented some of the most eloquent, articulate and passionate work I have seen from students at this school.”

They managed to bring evidence to support their theories on how we can reduce the carbon emissions from our homes, used graphs alongside their artwork to show the impact of their work, and even demonstrated how they made their own biodegradable plastic alternatives. They challenged all of us in the audience, holding us to account on why – having been aware of the climate issues for over a decade –  we have failed to take decisive action.

PBL Winter Exhibition 2019

These young people made me incredibly proud. Not just by overcoming the fear of public speaking to an audience of over 100, but to challenge our thoughts and views on our world. These young people, used the power of project based learning to provoke thoughtful discussion and activism. These young people realise that they are the change makers in the world. 

Through the medium of project based learning, these children have demonstrated to us this is not only what makes our school special, but it really works to educate in a genuine way. Project based learning needs investment and engagement from students, teachers and parents. It’s not the easy route to prepare our students for GCSE curriculum, however, is that all that’s important?

PBL is non-traditional, but is not an extreme of independent education. For us at PSCA, our model for Phase 3 PBL provides students with the skills to solve real-world problems and issues, while teaching them what they need to know in order to succeed in school right now. 

We will continue to reflect, revise and review our PBL curriculum as we move through the year. We have identified points for improvement next term, including less of a focus on the group work aspects in order to enhance the independent working skills of individual students. This will allow greater tailoring of the curriculum to the individual needs of the range of students in our phase. Our project will look at the issues around Identity and Culture – what makes us who we are? What shapes who we have become?

We, as ever, welcome input from parents. We welcome your feedback and need to continue to build on the relationships between home and school, to support our young people. It’s that relationship that our students need to flourish, to see the importance of lifelong learning and to be the best version of themselves when the time comes for them to leave the PSCA community.