It is with great excitement that Phase Two would like to formally invite you (parents and carers of Phase Two) to our Phase Two pantomimes!

The dates are as follows;

The afternoon starts each day at 2.15pm with the ‘winter market’. We will be inviting parents to be interviewed by students about their expectations for the show. This will be for our Red House Radio show.

Each performance is a snapshot of ‘where we have got to in our making’. It’s not the finished product!

Each student has worked tremendously hard to create the pantomime from scratch. The music, the scripting, the acting, the lighting and design of both the marketing and stage! All conceived and created by your children.  

The pantomimes run from 2.45pm – 3.30pm and then there will be an opportunity for you to further explore the market and for parents/carers to reflect on the shows. This will give us a real opportunity to work together to create a wonderful learning experience to produce a final show early next year.

The afternoon ends at 3.50pm where you’re welcome to leave with your child or stay longer until the official closing of the market at 4pm.

We have allocated two seats per child’s family and we are not issuing tickets. We ask that seats be booked by speaking to your child’s basecamp teacher prior to the show. If extra tickets are required, we will allocate on a first come, first served basis if seats remain available 24hrs prior to the show. Please note, all tickets are free but donations for the show are welcomed and will be used to support trips and resourcing for the phase.

There will also be a programme available on the day for a small cost.

Here are some photographs taken of some students working hard to make the shows!

Pantomimes in the making!