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Ofsted Report 2019

Ofsted Report 2015

Update – 2 April 2019

In February 2019 Ofsted rated Plymouth School of Creative Arts (PSCA) as Inadequate. This followed the school’s first inspection in June 2015 in which we were rated Good. Accordingly, this week the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) has issued a ‘Termination Warning Notice’, an expected next step in the process which formally indicates the RSC’s intention to re-broker our School as a Single Academy Trust into a Multi Academy Trust.

The notice does not signify any interruption to the teaching of children at the school. A decision from the RSC on the in-principle sponsor match is likely to be made in April with the aim of completion this September. In the short-term, we are working with the support of colleagues at Reach South Academy Trust.

We have met with over 150 parents and carers in January and February as part of ongoing consultations to discuss the outcome of the Ofsted report and next steps for the future, with many submitting messages of strong support for the vision and ethos of our School. In the first week of March staff, parents and carers staged two protests against the Ofsted judgement, in support of the transformative impact that our School has had on the lives of children and the community that has grown around us.

Mike Beard, Joint Interim Headteacher at Plymouth School of Creative Arts, said: “Staff and Governors take the findings of Ofsted very seriously and are extremely disappointed that the School has been judged just one term into full enrolment as Inadequate and requiring Special Measures. We were aware of the areas where the school required improvement and believe strongly, along with many members of our School community, that we have the capacity to make the necessary improvements.

Since opening with 100 pupils in 2013, our school has grown to its planned size of 1000 pupils from September 2018. Ofsted inspected PSCA just nine days after I moved from my role as Deputy Headteacher into the role of joint acting Headteacher, alongside Andrew Carpenter. Inspectors noted in their report that “senior staff have already identified areas for development and are making positive changes across the School but it is too soon to judge their impact”.”

We understand that many of the School’s strengths are not yet the focus of the Ofsted inspection process, and that the Ofsted Inspection framework is due to change this year, introducing an overall ‘Quality of Education’ judgement that will “de-intensify the inspection focus on performance data and place more emphasis on the substance of education and what matters most to learners and practitioners”.

Plymouth School of Creative Arts was founded as an all-through Free School for four to sixteen-year-olds, supported by the Department for Education, in response to the ongoing marginalisation of arts subjects in mainstream education. Preparing students for a rapidly-changing world by offering a broad and balanced curriculum with a focus on project-based learning means helping them develop as whole people, not just teaching them to pass tests and not excluding students from education in pursuit of increasing the School’s regional and national ranking. This is something that we remain proud of and staunchly committed to.”

Following the inspection in January, staff and Governors have been working with the support of Reach South Academy Trust, have been in close dialogue with the Regional Schools Commission (RSC) and are advised and supported by the Taunton Teaching Alliance. We’re already receiving excellent support from the Local Authority, and other regional organisations and schools to support our Improvement Plan, including a partnership with Devonport High School for Boys in maths mentoring. The School’s community and leadership team is entirely focused on and committed to addressing the areas identified by the inspection, all of which we were already working on at an accelerated rate.

Further open meetings between parents and carers with the School’s Interim Headteachers and Chair of Governors are planned for the coming weeks.

In its inspection, Ofsted praised the following strengths at the School:

  • Most parents feel positive about the School’s distinctive vision and approach to education.
  • The large majority of parents and carers who shared their views are supportive of the School.
  • Staff morale is high. Staff are supportive of each other and work hard to foster positive relationships with pupils, who are well cared for.
  • Senior and middle leaders are making positive changes in the School.
  • Safeguarding is effective.
  • The Physical Education (PE) and sport premium is spent effectively to improve staff training and opportunities for pupils.
  • Pupils’ pastoral care is a key priority for staff. They invest time, energy and resources in helping pupils to overcome various social, emotional and behavioural issues.
  • Children achieve well in Early Years.
  • There is little bullying in the School, because of the inclusive, tolerant and accepting attitude of pupils and staff.
  • Pupils look after the School environment well. There is no litter, graffiti or vandalism.

National successes

The most recent Parent Survey at the School highlighted:

  • that 85% of parents felt that teachers supported their child’s learning;
  • that 83% of parents considered their child was happy at School; and

About Plymouth School of Creative Arts

  • Founded by Plymouth College of Art in 2013 the School is located in an award-winning building, The Red House, designed by renowned architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, specialists in arts and education.
  • A wide range of community groups have shared The Red House since it opened, including Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council, Street Factory CIC, Plymouth Dance Development Agency.
  • The School is located in the Red House which won the RIBA South West Award and British Construction Industry Judges Special Award in 2016, as well as being shortlisted for international prizes including Architects Journal 100 Building of the Year, World Architecture Festival award and Building Magazine Project of the Year.

Link to school and college performance tables

Key Stage 2 Results 2017/2018:

KS2 Data 2017/2018
The percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics 19
Average progress in reading between KS1 and KS2 -3.33
Average progress in writing between KS1 and KS2 -5.79
Average progress in mathematics between KS1 and KS2 -8.23
Percentage of pupils achieving a high level of attainment in reading, writing and mathematics 0
Average scaled score in the reading test 99.5
Average scaled score in the maths test 94.1