Dear primary school parents and carers.

Firstly, a massive thank you for the continued support and engagement of our virtual learning. The quality of the learning we are seeking week in and out has been truly fantastic.

Next week sees the national picnic week commencing. A week long invite to the nation to get out and about, with blankets of course, and enjoy nature with some savoury goodness. 

To mark this, the school is inviting you and your family to a days picnic challenge on Monday the 22nd June. The day will look like this;

Morning sessions:

9am-10am – Planning your picnic.

11am-12pm – Baking/cooking/preparing your picnic

Afternoon sessions:

12pm-1pm – Finding your spot and enjoying your feast.

1pm-3pm – Games and activities.

This of course is a loose, suggested, outline of the day which many families may choose to adapt. The plans, activities and recipes we have put together are available here, so you may get the necessary ingredients and supplies.

The main thing is to have fun and please share as many pictures of the preparation and enjoyment of your picnics with your class teacher, so they may be shared in the Virtual Classrooms throughout the day.  

We have put together some ideas and information about National Picnic Week here:

National Picnic Week from IMN Content on Vimeo.