Music Tuition

We are now taking bookings for music tuition across a variety of instruments.

All our Tutors have been selected after volunteering to work in the school in some capacity. They all share our love of learning, making and will be working closely with the music department to build on studio and school experiences.

To book sessions please email the tutor directly (Addresses below).

For any general enquiries you can contact Allison Cooper:

All payments via parentpay. Please note, payments must be received 24hrs (or more) prior to the first session starting.

Sessions will be £12 for 30 minutes in blocks of 10 sessions or a pay as you go (please note single tasters are available upon request).

Group tuition is available as well to split the costs.

Our Tutors:

Allison Cooper – Head of Music

Piano, singing, clarinet, recorder and saxophone. I will also be offering music theory and also music therapy sessions.

About me:

I am multi-instrumental musician, singer, songwriter and composer and trained at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in Music and Education and completed an MA in Music Therapy.

My personal musical path has been about building my own self esteem, confidence, courage and self-discipline as well as studying the technical aspects of music. A lifelong musical path has given me the experience and understanding to be able to help students break through any creative blocks to find their unique musical and vocal self-expression and to be the best they can be.

Jacob Bradshaw

Vocal, guitar and beatbox tuition.

About Me:

My name is Jacob Bradshaw, I am a local singer/songwriter specialising in vocal, guitar and beatbox tuition. I have recently completed my music degree at Plymouth university and I am now pursuing a career in music tuition and community music leadership. PCSA’s advocacy for cultivating creativity within education is inspirational and I am very excited to be a part of it.

Rosemary Babichev

Violin and Piano

About Me:

I teach individual or paired lessons in violin to Grade V, beginners piano, recorder and music theory. The weekly sessions open to all for Phase 1 recorder group and the  lunchtime orchestras in Phases 1 and 2 are directed by me as well.

About my musical background: I won a music scholarship to an independent school at 12, and took Grade 8 Violin aged 15, then studied piano while taking my A levels. I have been a serious amateur musician ever since, sometimes teaching, sometimes performing at festivals and local events. Central to my approach is cultivating the delight of music, and achieving and noticing it from the earliest stages of learning an instrument. I aim to ensure a child has at least once during every lesson, an experience of music that sounds ‘right’ to them. This is always the reward that motivates achieving greater things. Being able to play more music means constantly working on technique.  This needs practice between lessons – at least 10-15 minutes, four times a week, with patient support and encouragement from parents.  I teach sight-reading and music theory  through music the children make up themselves or learn by ear, nursery rhymes, theme tunes and pieces from music books and ABRSM exams.

Lessons can be arranged during or outside school time and on Saturday mornings at PSCA until 1300.



About Me:

Jacob is a prodigious song- writer, with several albums worth of material; his forth coming solo project will feature guest vocals from world renowned musicians including Vince Lee, and Michael Mathieson. His song, ‘Find your Way,’ written for Antimatador has been used for the Looe festival promotional video. Jacob has several years teaching experience, and a Grade 8 in classical piano. Available Mon -Thurs 4 – 8pm

Nick Barbour: Guitar, Beginners Drums, Music production, Sound engineering

About Me:

I teach Guitar, Beginners Drums, Music production, Sound engineering. I am a teaching assistant in music at Plymouth Academy of creative Arts. I studied at Thames Valley University, London and gained a BA Hons degree in Music Technology / sound engineering. I produced and recorded many projects. I have enjoyed performing throughout my life, composing and  in bands, mainly with my brother as a duo act. I have gigged all round the London circuit and parts of Scotland,Glasgow and East coast area.   I have recently completed an access course at DBS Music Plymouth in music technology, Connecting back with new technology. I use digital recording music software such as Logic and Protools. I can help students, compose, produce and record projects.   I am a passionate singer song writer and love to pass on my guitar / musical skills to students of any age.  

Sophie Corwood

Instrumental Teacher –  Piano, Clarinet and Saxophone.)

About Me

I am a multi-instrumental musician, playing piano, saxophone and clarinet. I am currently studying for a Music BA at the University of Plymouth.

I have enjoyed experiencing the different places that music has taken me and the different people that I have met along my musical career.

Todd Antill

Drums, Bass, Guitar

About Me

As an instrumental tutor with ten years of experience teaching both privately and in schools on a small selection of instruments, I enjoy adapting to various teaching environments and situations with students from all backgrounds. The growth of my teaching style was accelerated by 200+ gigs with a number of bands around the South West, along with a great deal of songwriting and composition; both for enjoyment and by commission. Aside from engaging in regular tutoring across five schools around Plymouth, I have recently been working as a visiting specialist lecturer at the University of Plymouth, and as a teacher for the Junior Academy scheme. I also work as a freelance sound designer and voice over artist, creating audio soundscapes and narration for a variety of projects mostly within the board game and video game industries. All these experiences combined with a BA Hons degree in Music has left me very comfortable sharing a wide range of practical and theoretical techniques, teaching graded and non-graded instrumental tuition, demonstrating maintenance and reparation of instruments and sound equipment, and coaching advanced aspects of recording technology and audio production