Hi, a short round up of the MTB club’s trip this weekend, with photos attached.

The PSCA Mountain Bike Club enjoyed their first off-site visit last weekend, to the Lanhydrock trail centre in Cornwall. After a short warm up on the skills track, the group headed out on The Lodge Trail, which led to the first proper ride of the day, Walter’s Trail. This provided some early opportunities for the group to practice their cornering techniques, as well as a few small jumps, which also provided the first opportunity for a couple of crashes!

With everyone okay, and with minor damage to one bike repaired, the group headed off to The Timber Trail. This trail is a step up from Walter’s, with bigger bermed turns, some step-downs and jumps for those confident enough to try. The step-downs claimed just one victim, but he shook off his bruises and finished out the day with the others.

A tough climb back to the top got the group ready for the next trail, The Timber Trail, which is a really fun and flowing trail that teaches speed control and body positioning. Everyone successfully managed at least one run of this trail, which got them prepared for the finale, The Saw Pit! This is a really fun dual slalom course, where riders go down in pairs, side-by-side, through bermed turns, whoops (or rollers, which are rounded bumps) and some jumps. Everyone had fun riding this course, and it was a great way to end a successful day.

Anyone wishing to get involved in the mountain bike club, staff, students or parents, should contact Chris on cjones@schoolofcreativearts.co.uk

We are especially keen to hear from any female students who would like to ride with the club, from complete beginner to seasoned pro(!). You do need to have basic cycling skills, but mountain biking experience is not necessary.




Josh, having recovered from his fall, taking on the dual slalom course.


Ethan follows Owen down the dual slalom course.


The group, in a ‘train’ formation, follow each other down The Timber Trail.

  • Scott Bridges

    I live in Plymouth, currently riding a scott hard tail. I’m looking for a club to join for riding in Saturday mornings if that fits in with your club please email me and I look forward to hearing from you.