Last Sunday’s Mountain Bike Club trip was evolving right up to the last! With various students able, then unable to attend, we wound up taking an eclectic group of riders to Lanhydrock, to ride the excellent variety of trails they have. Aged from 8 to 15, and with a varied range of abilities, it was testament to our students and staff that this trip wound up being our best yet!




Despite a few grumbles on the way round, we warmed up on a short, but testing, Blue graded Walter’s trail. By the third lap, everyone was in to the swing of it, with all riders managing to complete the lap without any unplanned stops. With that success under our belts, we moved on to try some more challenging skills, on the bermed turns of the Blue graded Hart Trail. Berms are banked turns, which allow riders to carry much more speed through their turns than if they were flat, but they require correct technique to ride well! Here you can see Oli, rolling in for his first attempt at getting round the berm correctly, which he and all the others were able to achieve.



 Perhaps the second least favourite task of the day, after the long climb back to the top of the Hart Trail, was pushing bikes back up for another go at the Berms!




After another full run of the Hart Trail, we headed back to the bus for lunch, which saw the group fall surprisingly silent! Refuelled and raring to go, we headed off to the skills trail, where our riders were able to practice specific skills, with input from a coach. One of the favourite sections of the skills trail was the drops, a set of increasingly high granite steps. Dean, full of determination, set about mastering dropping off at speed, which he achieved with impressive ease!



Back in the bus, for the trip home, Ian and I were constantly marvelling at the fact that all four lads giggled and laughed quite literally the whole way home! A successful trip? No question!