We are approaching the end of a very busy term. Alongside our lessons we are always looking for opportunities to develop maths into different areas of the curriculum. We therefore, were really excited to celebrate Star Wars day on 4th of May. The Maths department was decorated with banners and posters showing Jedi logic and pictures.

Our lessons were space themed and we had several puzzles to solve, here are a couple of examples, see if you can work out what each of the symbols are worth.

In the afternoon, our year 8 students were working on space themed worded problems. At the end of the lesson, students designed their own space craft from coloured paper, we then went out into the playground to see which craft flew the furthest. Special mention goes to Kodai – whose plane flew over 11 metres and Ivan for the most imaginative design feature (adding blu tack to weight down the nose) demonstrating a good understanding of Physics.

This term some of our year 8 students have been undertaking a STEM project to design an eco hotel. Hear all about how they got on at Babcock here.