Mathematics this term

This term in Phase 3 we have started to develop our Mathematics through Project Based Learning. Our first project has been based on statistics. The students were able to choose what they wanted to research. The first thing they needed to do was devise their own hypothesis. We have had a huge variety of projects, some of the investigations used primary data (where the students found their own data) Some used secondary data –research from the internet. The students have displayed their data using a variety of methods, they needed to decide which would be most appropriate for their analysis. These have included pie charts, scatter diagrams, pictograms, bar charts and time series graphs.


There have been a wide variety of research topics ranging from favourite pets to research on trends in mental health across the globe. Tyler in year 7 was researching favourite platforms for watching films, he also compared girls and boys as he thought there would be a difference between the preferences of males and females. Billy and Rory from year 8 have been looking at property prices, comparing trends in London with that of Plymouth. They have looked at peaks and troughs in the property markets over the years and have considered market factors driving property prices.

The students have enjoyed having the opportunity to be part of developing their own learning while still achieving their learning outcomes. It also helps students to see the relevance of mathematics outside the school curriculum.