Making Projects

Boats, boats and boats!

Year 8 students Sachin, Owen and Tane have spent this making week renovating some beautiful boats. They have made these two short films to share their making journey with you.


Make Space Learning

Year 7 Students Krystyna and Diana have been learning how to use the laser cutter this week as part of their ‘making a comic strip’ project. They have made two short film’s to share their making project with you and to celebrate the different projects being made in the ‘Make Space’.

“Making our movie’s was an extraordinary opportunity that we enjoyed the most this week. Editing them and filming was quiet simple and we have got the hang of it easily.”

Krystyna and Diana interview students about their making projects in the Make Space.

Futures Project Collaborations!

The children in Year 4 this term have been working on ‘The Futures Project’ a sequence of work designed to align the minds of children in very different stages of their education. Plymouth College of Art students have taken cinematic ideas curated by the Y4 students (including scripts, story board, plot synopsis and character design) and are turning them into 3 minute films to be shown at the end of next Month. The opportunities for learning here are astounding allowing both parties to take full ownership of their learning in the most organic way possible. Exciting times ahead! 

The Futures Project Feb 2017

Drawing from observation

Artist and teacher Jeff Stratton has been supporting the development of drawing as core curriculum within the school. In phase two this week students have been working hard learning to draw from observation. “I’m really pleased with these charming drawings, the detail that the students have noticed and included within their drawing really brings their work to life”.

Phase Two Drawing

Media Facilities support 10th day film making

Students across the school are making the most of the wonderful media facilities available at their fingertips; regularly filming and taking photos within studio as a core element of their learning.

On our most recent 10th day (our fortnightly collapsed curriculum day) year 7 students used the Canon 700D SLR cameras and iMovie on the iMacs to create short films to celebrate the PSHE work and Big Pedal event happening. This short film looks at their learning journey.


Filmed through the eyes of students

This week’s 10th day media crew divided up into two teams and captured two distinct areas of this 10th day, exploring the PSHE (Personal, social, health and economic) work lead by actor Paul Stevens and the Big Pedal event celebrated within the school, lead by Ryan Evans. The films below are the student’s first rough edits which they completed on the day and are still being developed. Congratulations to the hard work of Harriet, Maria, Louie and Alex!

Made by Harriet and Maria

Made by Alex and Louie


Making aprons for preschoolers

Year 7 and 8’s as part of their making projects formed their own textiles company to create a set of cooking aprons for the preschool.

Students began by measuring pre-school students and choosing a style of apron which would fit the varying sizes of students. Working to a design brief which specified that the apron had to be washable and was to be used for cooking, year 7 and 8 students made four designs each to present to their student.

The preschool student then chose their favourite design which year 7’s and 8’s then made.

These images taken by textile studio staff and students really celebrate the wonderful learning and collaboration happening across this project.

Making aprons for preschool
Making projects across phases 2 and 3

Students embarked on a huge variety of different making projects this week.

Students lead their own learning and worked in teams to make and innovate!

Making Projects across the phases March 2016

Year 7 student Ryan, supported the year 1’s on a visit to the Aquarium and has compiled this presentation of some of the beautiful images he took. A Trip To The Aquarium

Phase Two Make

Phase Two students immerse themselves in making and

lead their own learning in their February Making Project!

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Phase 2 Making Projects