On Sunday, 11 PSCA students left from Plymouth on their journey to London. Exploring the theme of HORIZON, students will be taking up temporary residence at Tate Exchange to Make Learning with the public. We intend to show our vision for making, as well as ask questions about how we can learn, develop and grow as a continuum of learning from Early Years to Postgraduate study with Plymouth College of Art.

Parallel events are running here in Plymouth, at PSCA and at Plymouth College of Art (PCA). At school, Studio 2.2 will be branded a ‘Maker Space’ where students from across the school will be able to drop in, make and share their learning from their studios.

Take a look at some of the photos taken across the different sites involved in the Tate Making Learning Project!

Tate: Monday Day 1
In this series of short films Plymouth School Of Creative Arts film makers reflect on students making learning across the school on Monday to share with the Tate.

Painting Learning

Year 8 Make Learning

Water Drops

Students reflect on the day

Preschool students share their learning about Space




  • Graham Steen

    Well done everyone who was involved. Great for us at PSCA, the College of Art and even better for the Tate Modern. Graham (Governor)