What Makes Us Distinctive


Our school’s purpose is all about the transformation of students’ lives and their life opportunities. We intend that our students will achieve both the academic qualifications and the ‘21st century skills’ (the knowledge, skills, work habits and character traits) they will need to be successful in today’s world. We want our students to be the best they can be; young people who are creative, confident, critical and resilient thinkers, able to contribute positively to the world in which they live. This is why our school’s purpose can be summarised in just four words; Creating Individuals, Making Futures.

To achieve our purpose we have a distinctive approach. This includes:

  1. Supporting all, including adults, to develop content knowledge, habits of success, way finding and creative know how (see diagram below – My Ways Framework TM)
  2. Our learning ecology which combines Pedagogy, Space, Assessment, Making, Curriculum, Well-being, and Digital practice
  3. With Plymouth College of Art we form a unique Continuum of Creative Learning that connects from Early Years to Masters Level. As a school our students ages range from 3 to 16. We believe in a developmental approach – stage not age
  4. We see ourselves as a Learning Village, where our community works collectively to raise young people